How Crabtree & Evelyn Shaved Weeks Off Their Time to Market

by Sam Ireland, on July 3, 2019

In our most recent report we feature an article from Crabtree & Evelyn that explores how they have transformed their artwork processes and improved their speed to market. Our solutions help organizations all over the world to boost their speed by empowering collaboration, removing bottlenecks, automating processes and delivering customized workflows that complement the way each individual business need to operate.

Marylyn Styles, Print Production Manager within the Global Product Development team at Crabtree & Evelyn provided us with her thoughts on how Crabtree & Evelyn views time to market and how the business is able to shave four to six weeks off the time to market for each product thanks to Loftware Smartflow. Marylyn explores the value across three key areas:

Streamlined collaboration:

With the pace of modern business, collaboration is key. The ability for Marylyn and all of the stakeholders involved in the packaging development process to be able to have a real-time view of projects and tasks for multiple products has proven invaluable. It’s simple for stakeholders to see what they need to be doing to deliver ‘their piece of the puzzle’ and ensures that they don’t lose time waiting for another team to hand-off to them – a lot of it can now be done simultaneously.

Removal of traditional, manual processes:

The complexities of getting a product to market have grown significantly in recent years. As a result, coordination has become increasingly crucial. Traditional manual processes simply don’t lend themselves to modern ways of working. Loftware Smartflow allows Marylyn and the team to always be connected to a project, whether on her laptop or her mobile phone and ensures that no time is lost in the race to get a product to market.

Assurance in the hand-off to suppliers and vendors:

The number of people that have a role to play in getting a product to market grows in-line with the complexities outlined above. The hand-off to suppliers and vendors has, in the past, had a certain amount of risk attached to it simply because it might mean that the project is now being looked after by a different site, in a different location or in a different country. Thanks to Smartflow, even though the teams involved are remote, they can still gain the same levels of project insight as local teams and are able to collaborate much more effectively with other stakeholders, helping to ensure that time to market is optimized right up to the first product coming off the line.

If you want to find out more about the Crabtree & Evelyn story or want to take a look at other ways in which Loftware’s solutions can help you to optimize your time to market download the report today.


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