How can companies meet high-volume label printing requirements?

by Maureen Perroni, on February 15, 2016

Screen_Shot_2015-10-22_at_9.21.50_AMI think the functionality of an Enterprise Labeling Solution offers a variety of benefits for high volume label printing. First, there’s the performance side of it. The solution has got to be fast and it needs to be delivering as little data as possible to get the label printed.

Also, it has to be scalable, not just in terms of the number of labels that are being printed but also the number of printers being used.  Using an Enterprise Labeling Solution, which offers access to native printer drivers, reduces print streams to minimize network traffic, optimizes print performance and limits maintenance to meet these high volume requirements.

When you can reduce the size of print streams you’re able to dramatically increase print speed. It’s especially important for remote sites where you want to provide the smallest possible print stream or amount of data to these sites as possible. If you can do this, you can save substantial time and money with your label printing. The key here is to simplify the printing process with fewer moving parts in your labeling solution and enable companies to manage and support a broad set of printers across locations. This ultimately reduces maintenance and management of the printer network, increasing control and ensuring consistency. It also makes it easier to scale your labeling solution as demand increases, which can result in significant cost savings.

Enterprise Labeling Solutions utilize modern, multi-tier architectures to offer a standardized and centralized way of managing labels throughout a global supply chain. Companies are able to access data from their systems of record or their sources of truth, and have that data available at the right spot so that label printing can be done efficiently with the correct data. When a company adds a new location, a division, or even does an acquisition, the increased labeling can be managed centrally, reducing maintenance and limiting the need for additional resources throughout multiple regions, creating substantial savings for the company. Also, the approach allows controls over the quality of what’s being printed which is especially critical in a validated environment. From a global standpoint an Enterprise Labeling Solution lets you manage what you’re doing from one location and still print anywhere.

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