Helping Customers Solve Supply Chain Labeling Problems

by Ken Allen, on February 21, 2018

Loftware’s web team is constantly working to make improvements and changes to help define and lead the market around Enterprise Labeling Solutions. Recently, we made some pretty exciting enhancements that you may have missed and you should know about.

Why Enterprise Labeling

One of the challenges we often see in the labeling space is articulating why labeling is so important. Teams that are directly involved with labeling as part of their supply chain know exactly how critical labeling is to the success of the organization. But for those who may not be involved, or who are a bit removed from the labeling process, understanding why labeling matters may not be so clear. To help, Loftware has pulled together a new section named ‘Why Enterprise Labeling’ that lays out the most common challenges associated with the labeling function, an overview of what to look for in labeling solutions, how Loftware is different in both its approach and product offerings, and then some examples of the results that Loftware customers have seen as a result of deploying an Enterprise Labeling Solution.

Labeling Challenges

To help with this, we have put together a brand new page to simply articulate what we see as the most common and critical challenges when it comes to Enterprise Labeling Solutions. Here at Loftware we see organizations come to us faced with tough customer demands or new standards or regulations. We see organizations trying to expand globally and looking for their labeling to support those efforts. We also see organizations weighed down by manual label processes, or having to deal with costly and embarrassing labeling errors. We also see unnecessary supply chain delays and even downtime due to labeling mishaps. And finally, we very often see organization with multiple labeling solutions that do not share information or even talk to one another, creating chaos, headaches and add costly administration efforts.

Labeling Solutions

Thankfully, there is a smarter approach to labeling. When looking for a labeling solution there are a number of things to look for and this page highlights each of them. First, it is key to have something that can master all your labeling variations, across business units, SKUs, customers, or regions. Second, your labeling solution should be able to meet the changing customer requirements quickly and efficiently. Third, your labeling solution should easily enable compliance with changing regulations so you can stay ahead of the compliance auditors. Your labeling solution should strategically link with your enterprise applications instead of forcing you to maintain a separate database. Your enterprise applications are where your ‘sources of truth’ and master data is stored. Fifth, your labeling solution should empower business users to create and update labels as they are closer to the business and their changing needs. Sixth, today’s labeling solutions must support high-volume labeling printing with outstanding performance, no matter where on the globe the printers are located. Finally, your labeling solution should be able to scale with ease to match the growth of your operation.

Why Loftware

How is Loftware different from other labeling solution providers? Loftware has pioneered the barcode labeling solution industry and was the first to coin the term ‘Enterprise Labeling Solution™’ Over the 30+ years of being in business, Loftware has been known for its innovation as well as its approach that prioritizes consultative services, advice and ongoing account management paired with expert technical development and support.

Customer Testimonials

Loftware is proud to have so many loyal customers from around the globe, so we have added a new page that highlights some of their stories and quotes about working with us, our solutions, and our talented people. Fortunately, our customers have lots to say, and have great things to say about their return on investment, enterprise integration, support and services, customer requirements, or regulatory compliance.

Enterprise Labeling by Role

Enterprise Labeling improves different departments in different ways and its impact may be more than you realize. The new Enterprise Labeling by Role page highlights how labeling can improve the lives of all different personas, including: operations, manufacturing, regulatory, supply chain, quality, product management, information technology, marketing, packaging. Even if you are a CFO or CEO, we have highlighted here how labeling can help you and your organization.