GS1 Webinar: Traceability from Start to Finish

by Josh Thorp, on April 20, 2021

As consumer expectations evolve, it’s more critical than ever to avoid mislabeling and counterfeit items, minimize manufacturer errors, and address unsafe products, no matter what your industry.

The rise of eCommerce has fueled a rapid increase in the trade of counterfeit goods around the world, creating a $2 trillion challenge for consumer brands. While the top four categories of products impacted are apparel, footwear, jewelry, and handbags, brand protection and traceability take on a new meaning when considering the life-or-death impact of counterfeit products in the food, beauty, and auto parts markets.

To avoid unnecessary costs and potential supply chain disasters, traceability solutions allow authentic products to be “visible” anywhere around the world, thus protecting brands and consumers, alike.

Join GS1 for a free webinar, as experts at WestRock, EVRYTHNG, and Digimarc discuss:

  • New strategies to combat the trillion-dollar counterfeit challenge - what every consumer goods brand needs to know
  • How consumer goods brands can accurately and affordably track and authenticate products to reduce risk and gain new business insights
  • How to mitigate the scope of recalls and the impact of counterfeit and diverted products through end-to-end supply chain visibility

Interested in learning more about optimizing traceability in packaging and labeling?  Learn how Enterprise Labeling with standards such as GS1 can help improve communications and overall visibility throughout the supply chain in the following report: 6 Best Practices in Packaging and Labeling to Improve Supply Chain Integrity.

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