Webinar: GHS Update and What You Need to Know

by Craig Hodgson, on May 31, 2016

With another GHS deadline fast approaching, now’s a good time to see where the Industry is with lp-GHS-2016-chemical_square_300x300.pngcompliance and chemical label requirements. What are the challenges your peers are facing? What are the future revisions to OSHA’s regulations and how will they impact you? Do you have the right GHS labeling system to keep up with evolving demands?

Regardless of where you are with GHS compliance, you don’t want to miss this exclusive webinar “GHS Update: What You Need to Know,” Thursday, June 9th @ 11:00 AM EDT. Our featured speaker Chandra Deeds Gioiello from Industrial Health and Safety Consultants, Inc. (IHSC) will share insight about current OSHA guidance and new changes in classification that may affect what you thought was a compliant label.

See how you can avoid costly fines and penalties in the US and international markets—while optimizing operations. You’ll hear industry use cases of companies managing compliance with varied results. Get inside tips to better prepare you for existing and future GHS label elements.

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Date: Thursday, June 9, 2016
Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

In addition to gaining valuable perspective from IHSC, you’ll also learn more about Loftware’s Enterprise Labeling Solutions for the Chemical Industry, and how they are tightly integrated with the enterprise applications you’re currently using—whether it’s SAP, Oracle or other systems. Discover how the right GHS labeling software solution can not only ensure labeling consistency and accuracy to comply with regulations, but deliver a competitive advantage.

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