Get More Done Faster With Labeling & Artwork Management

by Sally-Anne Brown, on May 25, 2021

Both labeling and product packaging face challenges around content review and approval as organizations look to streamline processes, and validation becomes increasingly important for companies in regulated industries. In short, organizations are being driven to do more with less and to do it faster.

Using labor-intensive and error-prone manual processes, including the use of spreadsheets and routing of physical folders, adds time and risk to your product lifecycle. This is especially true when there are multiple teams involved and individuals are not completing their tasks on time. Also, poor communication can cause unnecessary revision cycles which both consume scarce resources and delay the readiness of labeling and packaging artwork. Not to mention when things don’t go as planned, packaging reworks and relabeling can be time consuming, costly and frustrating and ultimately cause delays in labeling.

This makes it important to provide real-time, controlled access to the full range of stakeholders that participate in a digital review and approval cycle - including external partners, suppliers, printers, regulatory and marketing teams, and so on. The right solution can also help you drive continuous improvement and proactively anticipate delays and issues. You can evaluate each project to understand its complexity, profitability, risks, goals, and resource needs. All stakeholders gain new superpowers, from product managers to marketing and brand teams to legal and compliance specialists

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. The right Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management solution integrates with consistent and accurate content and helps to automate and streamline your processes to shorten lengthy approval cycles, while reducing costs and improving speed to market.

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