Food for Thought: Labeling as a Competitive Edge

by Craig Hodgson, on November 22, 2016


Talk to most professionals in the Food & Beverage industry and you’ll
quickly gain consensus that labeling is critical to their operation. Consumer demand alone has called for more transparency, requiring manufacturers to list exactly what goes into their products.

Impending regulations like the FDA’s Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) take it a step further and will leverage labeling to help prevent food contamination. With a new GMO labeling law on the horizon, companies will undoubtedly stay focused on implementing and maintaining a reliable label process.

But can labeling on its own make a positive impact on supply chain operations? Is there a significant difference in the many software products on the market? Can the right labeling solution really save companies millions of dollars in faster response time and reduced inventory costs? Yes, yes, and an emphatic yes.

By shifting labeling from tactical to strategic—and standardizing on an enterprise-wide solution—food and beverage companies can realize substantial business benefits. The key is the integration with existing applications and systems, like ERP, SCM, WMS, and others. When your labeling can draw from these sources of truth and support industry standards like GS1-128 barcodes, you’re able to make shipments more traceable, achieve consistent branding, reduce regulatory costs, eliminate errors, and improve overall efficiencies.

Get the full story and download this new brochure “Enterprise Labeling for the Food & Beverage Industry.” Inside you’ll read how a strategic approach to food and beverage labeling addresses ongoing industry challenges, including increased regulatory pressures, merger and acquisition activity, and the overall complexity of the food supply chain. Two use cases provide added insight into how enterprise labeling helps real-world customers optimize their global operations.

Labeling does matter in food and beverage. Discover how the right solution delivers a distinct business advantage.

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