Find Out about Evolving Requirements Shaping the Future of Barcode Labeling

by Maureen Perroni, on August 26, 2016

Screen_Shot_2016-08-25_at_2.59.01_PM-1.pngIf you didn't haven't had the opportunity to chekc out the 30-minute webinar "Evolving Requirements Shaping the Future of Barcode Labeling" it's not too late.  Download the on-demand webinar today or check out the report, which the webinar was based upon.

The discussion style webinar featured Richa Gupta, Director of AutoID & Data Capture from VDC Research and Loftware's VP of Product Management, Josh Roffman. The pair addressed the evolution of barcode labeling software and outlined the evolving requirements shaping the future of labeling. They offered insights on how labeling is becoming central to enterprise operations, how the function has a direct impact on bottom-lines and how Enterprise Labeling can be a strategic enabler for regulatory compliance and for meeting evolving customer requirements. 

The report  "Changing Landscape of Barcode Labeling," which reflects VDC's results from surveying leading global companies, was released yesterday in conjunction with the webinar. It further showcases how barcode labeling is central to a range of mission-critical enterprise operations including production and distribution; supply chain monitoring, management and control; and final delivery.

The report identifies how diverse international regulations, global distribution channels, and evolving customer requirements have become the norm in business today and every organization has its own unique set of business processes, regulatory considerations, and traceability requirements that its barcode labeling-related investments must accommodate. Find out how when it comes to barcode labeling software, integration to existing business applications, deployment reliability and scalability are important considerations. Also, how Loftware’s vertical industry focus may be especially important for companies that are looking to address industry-specific regulatory compliance by seamlessly integrating with SAP, Oracle and other enterprise applications.

The topic of anti-counterfeiting and traceability initiatives is also addressed. When considering labeling solutions the importance of offering centralized access to data and integrating labeling applications with ERP, WMS, and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) applications is essential to ensure end-to-end traceability and consistency. 

Another important point covered in the report is that businesses are increasingly opting for multi-modal approach to enterprise application deployment. Interest in cloud-based models continues to grow as solution providers are able to establish lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by freeing up storage and processing-related resources. Cloud-based models will also enable end-user organizations to cut down on their in-house IT functions and investments by offloading application services to third parties.

The report further outlines how Loftware's Enterprise Labeling solution:

  • Enables Regulatory Compliance
  • Meets Customer Requirements
  • Integrates Labeling with Existing Business Processes
  • Offers Labeling Accuracy & Consistency
  • Supports High Variability
  • Provides on-premise and Cloud-Based Deployment Models

You'll find out how Loftware is a solution provider that is equipped to integrate with a cloud-based enterprise application, an important consideration for organizations currently undergoing or evaluating migrating to the cloud. Loftware addresses enterprise end users’ evolving labeling requirements by providing a cloud-based solution that offers a browser-based interface with multi-site deployment. Loftware Spectrum has the potential to alleviate challenges associated with distributed operations and centralized application deployment models.  

Find out more by downloading the report today!

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