Ensuring consistency and compliance for global pharma labeling

by Laura Johnson, on March 11, 2016

BarCodeMeds_300x300Labeling experts at this year's 4th Annual Pharma Labeling Compliance Event will offer insights on ensuring consistency and compliance for global labeling requirements.

Laura Johnson, labeling expert from Loftware, the global leader in Enterprise Labeling Solutions, will take part in an interactive panel discussion hosted as part of this year’s Pharma Labeling Compliance event in Boston on March 15, 2016 at 2:30. The panel will identify the labeling review process in the US and EU to ensure international compliance and will review regulatory requirements for South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia to achieve global compliance.

“The pharmaceutical industry is being shaped by the regulations that govern it and it’s becoming increasingly important to understand the important role that labeling plays when it comes to meeting regulatory standards and helping to facilitate serialization and track and trace,” stated Laura Johnson, Loftware Senior Account Executive - Pharmaceuticals. “The conference presents a wonderful opportunity for us to help inform and educate pharmaceutical professionals as to how they may improve efficiencies and ensure consistency across a global enterprise with the correct labeling strategy,” she added.

The event, which features a range of case study presentations and panel discussions, is intended to provide information and education on coordinating a more robust end-to-end labeling process while adhering to new guidance’s with submitting combination product labeling. The conference brings together highly specialized professionals working in labeling from drug companies. Participants will discuss key strategies for attaining efficiency in designing a product label with core content, confronting stringent timing restrains, translation challenges and adhering to changing FDA guidelines and standards.

To find out more about pharmaceutical labeling and meeting evolving regulatory compliance mandates, take a look at our on demand webinar Pharmaceutical Labeling Best Practices: Taking Labeling to the Next Level, featuring customer Ferring Pharmaceuticals.



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