Ensure Your Labeling Content Is in the Right Place

by Dalton Litzelman, on July 7, 2020

If you’ve ever worked on a packaging artwork project, you understand the complexity of the process. After all, there are many moving pieces to consider before the artwork has been finalized. At first glance you may think its no big deal to provide proper imagery, pack copy, phrases, barcodes and logos, but, this is the tip of the iceberg. Beneath the surface, you must consider the legal language, regulatory information, and other translations being incorporated as well. Have you ever been tripped up at some point along the way? Managing packaging artwork is not an easy task, but what if I told you that it could be?

Fortunately, in our recent report titled “Put Labeling Content In Its Place”, you will find out how to gain transparency for packaging artwork with digital asset management and version control. It’s key for you to have a central content repository that manages content and digital assets, especially for global enterprises. Imagine having a system that allows changes to be tracked at a detailed level, allowing all appropriate parties to have access to the final approved content.

Check out the following report to learn more about the benefits of an automated and configured Artwork Management solution and how it will allow you to:

  • Track what was changed, when and by whom
  • House internal or external packaging content digitally in one place
  • Provide controlled access to content to all necessary stakeholders

Perhaps it’s time to look into your current Artwork Management process to figure out what areas can be improved. If you would like to learn more information, be sure to download the report today.

Download the Report

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