Eliminate Labeling Errors

by Dalton Litzelman, on September 20, 2019

Has your production line ever come to a halt as a result of labeling errors? Maybe you’ve been able to avert this crisis, but you never know when your luck just might run out. If you have had to manage this unfortunate situation that can result in complete business disruption, then you know it can lead to a great deal of effort and unnecessary expenses.

The significant impact that labeling errors can have on a business is just one of the reasons why labeling has proven to be such a critical piece of any successful supply chain strategy. The label is basically your product’s passport through the supply chain. It communicates all the necessary information about a product from the production line all the way to the consumer. One small error can relay the wrong information and could put your manufacturers, warehouse workers, or consumers at risk.

Even if your labels have a minor detail error, such as displaying the wrong size font, it turns into a massive headache for your company. Hopefully, if this error has occurred, you haven’t printed too many labels already. If you don’t catch it early enough, you will have to relabel everything all over again. The process of creating the new labels, finding the man hours to attach and scan the labels, managing overhead, facing potential customer fines, and losing opportunities due to downtime is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the problems you would face.

How hard is it to print the right label? That’s a great question. Let’s look at some of the most common sources of error.

  • Non-compliant data where issues occur in the format, font size, colors, pictograms, or symbols.
  • A lack of consistency that exists between label templates in your manufacturing facilities.
  • Replicated or incorrect data displays on the label which occurs due to manual data entry errors or a complicated automated process.
  • Workers at a facility may not be familiar enough with your current labeling systems to generate a viable label.

Even if you haven’t struggled with your labeling process in the past, it’s important to think about what would happen if errors do occur. Do you have an established course of action to quickly and efficiently correct a mistake?

For many companies, labeling errors are no longer a cost of doing business. By implementing an Enterprise Labeling Solution, your company could eliminate the risk posed by label errors. If you want to be proactive and prevent your company from this kind of business disruption which can lead to additional manual labor, shipping delays, significant costs and customer disruptions then you’ll want to check out Loftware’s new report, “Are Labeling Errors Costing You?

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