Labeling at the Speed of Innovation

by Craig Hodgson, on December 5, 2016

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Few industries are as vast, global, complex, and competitively-intense as the electronics industry. Products are becoming more and more intricate, and more and more products not generally thought of as electronic now contain electronic components. Electronics is an industry where change is continuous, and innovation ongoing. All of this innovation means that products become more rapidly obsolescent; and with shorter product lifecycles, there’s more pressure on manufacturers and their suppliers to operate more efficiently, keep costs down, and keep the supply chain moving fast.

Because of the intricacies and dependencies of the electronics industry’s extended supply chain, it’s easy to see how the right labeling solution has to assume a more mission-critical, strategic role. After all, labeling failures lead to shipping errors, higher freight costs, returns, repackaging expenses, late penalties, compliance issues, customer dissatisfaction, and—maybe worst of all—loss of customers to a competitor. For an industry already undergoing increased pressure on prices and margins, such outcomes exacerbate corporate growth and profitability objectives.

By treating labeling as a strategic process—and by implementing a standardized enterprise labeling solution— companies throughout the electronics supply chain are able to make shipments more traceable, achieve consistent branding, reduce regulatory costs, eliminate data redundancy, and improve overall labeling efficiencies. The right enterprise labeling solution lets companies turn labeling into a high-value, strategic element of the overall manufacturing and distribution process.

Get the full story and download this new brochure “Enterprise Labeling for the Electronics Industry.” Inside you’ll read how a strategic approach to electronics barcode labeling addresses ongoing industry challenges, including globalization, traceability/product recalls, and the overall complexity of the supply chain. Three use cases provide added insight into how enterprise labeling helps real-world customers optimize operations.

Labeling does matter in electronics. Discover how the right solution helps you keep pace at the speed of innovation—and delivers a distinct business advantage.

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