Driving Supply Chain Efficiencies

by Maureen Perroni, on December 28, 2016

dummies.pngCompanies can't arrive at an effective supply chain strategy if they don't consider how labeling intersects with the evolving demands of the supply chain.

Shorter lead times and changing market demands are posing challenges, along with lean business environments and the globalization of manufacturing.

In that kind of setting, error-free labeling is more important than ever, given just how disruptive to the supply chain label errors and other bottlenecks can be. If the label isn't right, it can disrupt manufacturing, inventory, and movement of product.

With Enterprise Labeling, this all-important function is standardized across the enterprise and fully automated, which not only boosts efficiency but also reduces the chances of error. Standardization improves consitency, reliability, and uptime, eliminating bottlenecks in the supply chain. 

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