Don’t Let Cumbersome Reviews and Approvals Slow Your Time-to-Market

by Josh Thorp, on November 4, 2021

Organizations looking to streamline their labeling and product packaging often face challenges in content review and approval processes. Reviews and approvals are critical steps and are surely deserving of plenty of time and attention – especially now, as businesses are already managing severe disruptions and delays (mostly out of their control), it becomes important to consider that more time devoted to a goal does not necessarily translate to improved outcomes. Let’s look at how simplified, modernized content review processes can improve both quality and time to market.

Content review processes usually involve multiple teams, which means that from start to finish they can require a dizzying amount of back-and-forth among those involved. And while it makes sense to want all participants checking in at every step, after every adjustment, for the sake of minimizing errors – the reality is that too much interchange can lead to costly missteps. Lengthy and overcomplicated revision cycles can result in important details getting lost, or slowdowns that build on themselves if individuals fail to complete tasks on time.

The ideal solution is a process that provides real-time, controlled access to the full range of stakeholders that participate in a digital review and approval cycle – including quality, regulatory, marketing teams, and so on. A solution with these capabilities cuts down on lengthy approval cycles, reduces risk, and shortens the labeling process.

It is also important to consider what methods stakeholders use to manage and share information. Labor-intensive manual processes are not only a waste of time and resources, but also likely to yield human error – especially if those processes feed back into that messy loop of revision cycles. And consider that when an error does occur, relabeling and reworks need to happen quickly; organizations that need to reach far back into a cumbersome labeling and packaging operation to make their fixes are then even more susceptible to delays and missed deadlines.

Modernization reduces the risk of error and allows for easy changes to be made, which is why many companies are turning to comprehensive labeling and packaging artwork solutions to manage their needs. Especially considering the unpredictability of the current supply chain environment, it’s comforting to know that this is one area that can be counted as a quick win for many companies. Organizations can feel confident managing this aspect of their operations without fear of worsening already difficult circumstances - if - they have a solution that streamlines the label change and approval process.

To learn more about how modern systems can shorten approval cycles and improve time-to-market, check out our 5 Trends in Labeling and Artwork Management Report. Make reviews and approvals as quick and easy as they can be.

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