Defend Auto Supply Chain Integrity with Barcode Labeling

by Harald Desjarlais, on April 12, 2017

Counterfeit auto parts are a real scourge to supply chains and risk to drivers.
When your organization plays a role in the auto parts supply chain, it's wise to take every precaution against counterfeit hardware. Ensuring the integrity of products attributed your brand helps investigators detect fakes and keeps drivers safe. If people don't fall for forged parts, they won't put themselves at risk by using these copies of dubious origin. 

A serious problem
The counterfeit auto parts trade isn't merely a hypothetical threat. Cases frequently come to light involving huge amounts of merchandise. Repairer Driven News recently highlighted an especially large raid - 500,000 fake parts for cars were discovered in the United Arab Emirates. Forgeries span the world, exported by counterfeiters that are becoming more adept at simulating authentic hardware, albeit with low build quality.

Counterfeits are infiltrating the U.S. market through online sales, with individual buyers unwittingly buying fakes independent of dealer networks. RDN noted that Chinese operations are behind most of the false parts that have made it to America. Trade officials seized nearly $6 million of Chinese counterfeit automotive components in 2015 alone.

Counterfeit car parts are more susceptible to wear.Counterfeit car parts are more susceptible to wear.

Danger to drivers
The incentives to increase supply chain protection against infiltration by counterfeit parts are many. Defending brand reputation and protecting profits are major motivators, but the most important priority is safeguarding drivers' lives. As Detroit news station WDIV reported in a 2015 expose, fakes are prone to rust and breakage. The news outlet cautioned drivers in strong terms against intentionally buying counterfeits to save money - they could put their lives at risk.

Accurate supply chain
To ensure no shipments of fake parts infiltrate your automotive supply chain, improve your labeling practices. Automotive barcode labeling has become formidable in recent years, with developments such as radio frequency identification (RFID) use helping manufacturers keep their genuine parts visible and traceable through all steps of vehicle production.

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