Customer Story: Labeling in SAP S/4HANA® is Seamless with Loftware

by Jessica Plourde Hutter, on February 1, 2018

Loftware works with thousands of customers every day to help them optimize their labeling processes in SAP. Labeling out of SAP isn’t always as easy as it looks. For most companies that manage their labeling directly out of SAP, a change as simple as an image update, can take weeks (even months in some cases).

Loftware’s certified Enterprise Labeling Solutions for SAP Applications allows customers to drive labeling dynamically, directly from their sources of truth and triggered from existing business processes.

In the upcoming webinar on February 8, 2018 at 11:00 AM ET, Cott Beverages will share how a flexible, scalable Enterprise Labeling Solution automated within its SAP S/4HANA environment improves manufacturing and distribution to support continued growth and global expansion.

The biggest part of the Cott’s labeling story would be its transition to S/4HANA. During the upcoming webinar, Cott will discuss its shift to S/4HANA and how the transition to S/4HANA in regards to Cott’s labeling environment was seamless.

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