Cross-border Logistics: Complex but Inescapable

by Maureen Perroni, on January 30, 2018

Cross-border commerce calls for extreme efficiency.
Cross-border commerce calls for extreme efficiency.

People and companies from around the world are more connected than ever before in today's highly digital environment. This online closeness has been complemented with the intense and ever-increasing movement of supplies and finished goods across national borders.

This infusion of speed and volume has occurred in spite of complex regulations, with companies adding rather than removing new laws setting cross-border logistics standards. Companies hoping to keep up need to focus on technologies that will make their everyday operations smoother and more efficient, or they risk being buried in slowdowns.

Demand is Everywhere
Logistics Management pointed out that worried predictions about the state of global trade have thus far been misguided. Industry prognosticators expecting big effects from economic nationalism have been left wanting, and the global exchange of goods is on the rise.

The trends powering this shipping revolution include an increased focus on digital data exchange. Complex international transactions can't happen efficiently if the paperwork involved is actually carried out on physical paper. Logistics Management suggested immediate and wholehearted adoption of digital practices for logistics organizations. The traditional slow pace of change in the way trade is conducted is changing, and quickly.

More Expansion is Next
While logistics organizations figure out how to become more effective and efficient across borders, a further demand spike may be looming. DC Velocity noted that e-commerce across online borders is not yet a fully developed market. Only a comparative handful of companies are dealing with consumer sales across borders in high volumes. The coming wave of new business could demand a drastic response from logistics providers.

Efficiency at a Premium
Smoothing shipments' journeys around the world through easy access to consistent data is an essential task in the long ramp-up of cross-border trade. Advanced Enterprise Labeling could prove its mettle in such a role, removing the need for such intermediary steps as relabeling when shipments pass from one partner to another. The information accesses through accurate barcode labels may prove essential for logistics industry participants.

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