Cost savings for managing and deploying barcode labeling

by Maureen Perroni, on February 4, 2016

Screen_Shot_2015-12-09_at_9.29.27_AMThe most substantial benefit in implementing an Enterprise Labeling Solution is the cost savings companies can achieve by not duplicating efforts across the globe. Using an Enterprise Labeling software allows a centralized approach with the ability to allow for localized autonomy as appropriate. 
In most cases, a labeling solution can be maintained centrally but still allow users access from around the world to log in and create a structure where they can make changes to labels as permitted and control the configuration of their local barcode label printing devices. This allows everyone to be aligned while meeting the needs for the region where they’re conducting business.

Companies are looking to maximize efficiency and minimize the cost of localized solutions while reducing the duplication of effort.  With an Enterprise Labeling approach, companies are able to access the same centralized data to reduce the necessary number of label permutations and ultimately cut back on duplication of efforts throughout the global supply chain. What this does is allow for the idea of label and package consolidation to meet global standards and it also brings in to play the idea of master templates. These templates are mostly locked down but can be modified slightly to meet regional requirements while not forcing resources to create their own labels from scratch. In some cases companies have many thousands of templates, just staggering numbers of templates, because essentially the label is for the same product but the templates are being duplicated many, many times.

This approach also eliminates error prone manual labeling processes to substantially reduce the occurrence of mislabeling, which is not only costly but can delay response times and have a huge impact on customer satisfaction. Mislabeling also has a big impact on the corporate brand and can jeopardize customer trust and ultimately the customer relationship.

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