Case Study: How Modine Makes Labeling in SAP Pain-Free

by Craig Hodgson, on December 7, 2017

In the face of intense global competition, no manufacturer can afford the costly delays and disruptions due to labeling errors. Modine, a global leader of thermal management solutions, long recognized that a centralized approach to labeling was necessary to ensure labeling consistency across its manufacturing supply chain. But a centralized approach, while necessary, could not on its own guarantee accuracy.

When the data in a labeling solution is replicated from other sources, there are risks that errors will be introduced or that the data being used is not the most up-to-date information available. Given this challenge, Modine needed a solution that could tighly integrate with its trusted source of data: SAP. It also needed a faster, easier way to design and manage labels to keep up with changing customer and industry requirements.

Such demands are not mutually exclusive either, as labeling within SAP can be a tricky proposition for many companies with ABAP programmers getting involved to make label formatting changes, often at the expense of efficiency and time-to-market goals. That’s why Modine looked to Loftware for more robust, enterprise-class barcode labeling software to support its high-volume environment.

Read the new case study “Warming to the Task: How Modine Integrates Labeling with SAP to Improve Supply Chain Performance.” You’ll learn how this manufacturer was able to empower business users to create accurate, higher quality labels, while saving significant time and operating costs.

As Eric Richmond, Director of ERP Applications from Modine, puts it, “Loftware makes label production – something that is usually very, very painful – very, very simple.”

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