Hot Off the Presses: Q&A on the Burning Issues in Food & Beverage Labeling

by Craig Hodgson, on October 4, 2016

9-21-2016_3-15-25_PM-1.jpgSo, what keeps you up at night? If you’re like many in the Food & Beverage industry, a number of issues could leave you reaching for the Ambien. Product recalls. FSMA and EU1169 regulations. Mounting supply chain costs. Impending GMO labeling. Given that F&B is such a highly regulated and highly competitive industry, it’s important that you have access to the latest resources to help you make more informed decisions.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce a brand new paper that addresses these same top-of-mind concerns. “6 Burning Questions (and Answers) on Labeling in Food & Beverage” provides expert insight into how enterprise labeling not only meets your barcode labeling needs, but improves overall supply chain efficiency. 

How can you leverage GS1 standards to comply with evolving FDA and EU regulations?

What steps can you take to respond faster in the event of a food recall?

How can you save millions of dollars in inventory reduction through labeling?

Get the answers to these questions and others in this quick-read, interview-style Q&A document. It’s available now for download. Who knows, it might be your first step to achieving real peace of mind—at least from a labeling perspective.

Download the Q&A Now!


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