Better supplier labeling: Part 5 [Video]

by Craig Hodgson, on August 16, 2017

Welcome back to the Loftware Blog.

We've been discussing the many supply chain efficiency improvements that can come from improved supplier labeling practices and technologies. Today it's time for a close look at the possible return on investment of such a plan.

Manufacturers that coordinate supplier labeling and no longer have to re-label materials coming from their suppliers save money that would go to labor and materials. They also have to keep less safety stock because all their materials are visible and accessible.

Add in reduced operating expenditures and warehouse spending, and the cost savings begin to add up. The ways in which supplier labeling affect the bottom line are cumulative and can represent a significant chunk of a manufacturer's budget.

Thanks for watching. We'll be back soon with more on labeling. You also can check out our report on that topic.

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