Better Supplier Labeling: Part 10 [Video]

by Craig Hodgson, on September 21, 2017

Welcome back to the Loftware blog. We're continuing our discussion of improved supplier labeling in manufacturing, and the ways this one process can revolutionize the way a company works.

Speeding up the process of receiving raw materials from a supplier largely comes down to the details.

Typical shipping notices from suppliers often lack small pieces of information, such as the breakdown of which items are on particular pallets. By extending a good barcode labeling system to the supplier, a manufacturer can make sure this data is included.

This consistent approach to barcode labeling also ensures that each box of an order is properly labeled with its contents noted. This removes ambiguity and speeds up receiving and warehousing processes.

Thanks for joining us. We'll be back soon with more barcode labeling insights.

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