Battle Against Counterfeit Auto Parts Remains Ongoing

by Harald Desjarlais, on October 27, 2017

Detecting fake auto parts is a vital supply chain competency.
Detecting fake auto parts is a vital supply chain competency.

There are ample reasons to take immediate action against counterfeit automotive parts in the supply chain. With their lack of oversight, the makers of fake parts can settle for inferior quality, putting drivers at risk and potentially harming the reputation of the automaker. Such problems become even worse if and when counterfeits make their way into production vehicles instead of being sold on the aftermarket.

Unfortunately for all parties, counterfeits still have presence in the auto parts market. Recent revelations of the amount and variety of fake items being distributed make it clear that supply chain members should take all appropriate actions to track and verify the goods they are sending and receiving.

Lawsuit Reveals Counterfeiting's Harm
When allegations against a counterfeiter take the form of a legal case, observers get a close look at the damage done by such harmful third parties. Tire Business reported that parts manufacturer Bosch has recently won an injunction against a supposed import shop it alleged was creating phony hardware using Bosch logos and trademarks.

The suit claimed that the damages consisted of reputation damage alongside the sales lost to buyers who thought they were purchasing genuine merchandise. The company stated that its case could prove important for aftermarket parts sellers as a whole, as it helps clean up the industry.

A Constant Effort
Dealing with fake parts in the global ecosystem is a long-term project for auto industry players. Manufacturing Global recently reported on Nissan's ongoing fight to get falsified versions of its own products out of circulation. Its latest sweep caught $283 million worth of items, coming from 125,000 marketplace listings and 31,700 parts. The brand named customer safety and its own reputation as critical.

Labels Can Help
With standardized barcode labeling systems that extend up and down the automotive supply chains, manufacturers can keep a close eye on the parts they use and distribute. Verifying authenticity is always relevant, and good labeling practices make this easier.

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