Automate Your Processes - Don't Let Artwork Management Increase Organizational Chaos

If you’re looking to get a better understanding of how automating your Artwork Management can streamline your processes and assist you with packaging and labeling challenges, look no further.

Loftware recently published a report "From Chaos to Calm." The report addresses common issues and inefficiencies around using manual processes and traditional project management tools such as Excel, MS-Project, standalone artwork approval tools and of course email for managing artwork and product lifecycles.  It highlights how embracing digital transformation and adopting a configurable, cloud-based automated solution for packaging artwork and end-to-end business processes enables you to mitigate risk, reduce complexity, and ensure traceability and regulatory compliance. 

If you're faced with excessive artwork revisions, difficulty managing unstructured data and versions, difficulty integrating with partners, and a lack of collaboration then you'll want to check out our new report. You'll learn how the right kind of Artwork Management Solution will allow you to:

  • Streamline Processes Through The Product Lifecycle

  • Leverage Advanced Workflows to Manage Complex Projects

  • Quickly and Easily Address Multi-Lingual Copy Requirements

  • Take Control of Your Assets with Integrated Asset Management

  • Provide Full Visibility for Budget and Resource Planning

  • Consist of Dynamic Platform to Track and Manage Changes

  • Offer Advanced Insight into Packaging Artwork Workflow Processes

  • Ensure Control and Compliance

  • Provide Online Proofing and Collaboration with all Stakeholders

  • Make Version Control Made Easy

  • Eliminate Bottlenecks & Reduce Time to Market

If you want to find out more about how to improve your internal Artwork processes, then download the asset today! 

Maureen Perroni

Posted By Maureen Perroni

Maureen is the Marketing Communications Manager at Loftware where she is responsible for corporate messaging and public relations activities. Over the past 25 years she has managed a wide range of tech clients, and has written for numerous industry publications and newspapers.

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