Harald Desjarlais

Harald Desjarlais

Harald Desjarlais is the Loftware Account Executive focusing on the Automotive sector. Prior to Loftware Harald held both Sales and Sales Management positions within various ERP and Supply Chain software providers such as Xerox, ASK, Baan, Mapics and Kewill.

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by Harald Desjarlais, on December 18, 2017

When auto parts are easily traceable, recalls stand a better chance of being quick and efficient. While no manufacturer of auto parts or finished vehicles wants its products to be …

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by Harald Desjarlais, on November 13, 2017

Auto component labeling standards are a globe-spanning patchwork. Manufacturing high-quality automotive components is challenging enough on its own. Then, distributing those components to automakers and after-market vendors around the world …

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by Harald Desjarlais, on October 27, 2017

Detecting fake auto parts is a vital supply chain competency. There are ample reasons to take immediate action against counterfeit automotive parts in the supply chain. With their lack of …

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by Harald Desjarlais, on August 14, 2017

Components within vehicles have become a major electronics market focus. Electronics component manufacturers have seen revolutions in consumer goods in recent years, as sensors, screens and other elements have entered …

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by Harald Desjarlais, on July 20, 2017

Auto manufacturing's geographic reach has never been greater. Auto manufacturers, empowered by the latest technology, are expanding their operations around the world in search of affordable and efficient ways to keep …

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by Harald Desjarlais, on April 12, 2017

Counterfeit auto parts are a real scourge to supply chains and risk to drivers. When your organization plays a role in the auto parts supply chain, it's wise to take …

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by Harald Desjarlais, on February 14, 2017

We often get questions about the sheer complexity of the automotive supply chain with its broad range of players, including OEMs, sub-tier suppliers, warehouse and transportation managers, distributors, retailers, and end consumers People …

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