Diana Headrick

Diana Headrick

Diana is the Product Marketing Manager at Loftware and is responsible to promote Loftware solutions, including Loftware Spectrum, Smartflow and Loftware Print Server. Diana has over twenty-five years experience in marketing and product management for a range of technology companies.

Recent Posts by Diana Headrick:

by Diana Headrick, on February 10, 2022

We have recently announced our plan to retire the Loftware Print Server (LPS) family of solutions, with a formal end of support occurring on December 31st, 2024. As the first …

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by Diana Headrick, on December 15, 2021

We’re pleased to launch a new release of our Artwork Management solution, Loftware Smartflow 26.3. This new release enables users to select pre-approved phrases from the Phrase Library within linked …

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by Diana Headrick, on November 17, 2021

We’re excited to announce the launch of Loftware NiceLabel 10, the first major release of the Loftware NiceLabel portfolio, which includes Loftware NiceLabel Cloud and Loftware NiceLabel Label Management System …

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by Diana Headrick, on September 27, 2021

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Loftware Smartflow 26.2, a new release of our automated artwork management software. This new release, which introduces Master Datasheets, strengthens users’ ability to …

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by Diana Headrick, on December 17, 2020

Last month, Pfizer and Moderna were the first of several pharmaceutical companies to announce results from clinical trials of their COVID-19 vaccines. While both companies’ results demonstrate a greater than …

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by Diana Headrick, on October 6, 2020

Loftware, Inc., the global leader in Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management Solutions, recently announced the availability of Loftware Smartflow 26.0. This latest release saves time and eliminates risk of error …

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by Diana Headrick, on September 29, 2020

The Loftware Print Server (LPS) and Loftware Label Manager (LLM) Release 12.1 is now available, providing LPS/LLM customers by offering a new Application Health Port that can be used to …

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by Diana Headrick, on June 23, 2020

In the race for treatments and vaccines for the COVID-19 virus, pharmaceutical companies are working around the clock to deliver solutions in less time than was previously possible. Clinical trials …

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by Diana Headrick, on April 23, 2020

As doctors struggle to treat patients suffering the illnesses caused by COVID-19, pharmaceutical companies race to find and test treatments and vaccines. A handful of promising drugs, like Gilead Sciences’ …

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by Diana Headrick, on April 21, 2020

As the battle to save lives and defeat the novel coronavirus wages on, we are proud be helping Loftware customers get their therapeutic equipment to market in the world’s collective …

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by Diana Headrick, on April 16, 2020

A doctor recently interviewed about the COVID-19 pandemic said, “Testing is another form of personal protective equipment.” Not knowing who has the virus, and who may have had it, hampers …

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by Diana Headrick, on April 14, 2020

The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and work. With stay-at-home orders designed to “flatten the curve” of infection in many locations worldwide, companies are relocating employees …

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by Diana Headrick, on November 19, 2019

For years, companies managed their labeling operations locally at manufacturing or warehousing locations using a variety of stand-alone solutions. As organizations expanded product lines across global markets, they began to …

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by Diana Headrick, on September 12, 2019

Is your labeling solution limiting your ability to meet customer demands? For many companies, labeling operations begin with an off-the-shelf labeling product designed to address the needs of one specific …

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