Advantages of business users managing label design

by Maureen Perroni, on January 28, 2016

label designBusiness users are the closest to the labeling process and are on the frontlines, interacting with customers and managing the business’ labeling requirements.

When business users need to rely on IT for label design creation and updates, they must first make sure resources are available and then make sure that they truly understand the business requirements. When business users own the label design process, they don’t have to wait for scarce IT resources and at the same time are able to remove a layer of translation to achieve the required label design. When there is last minute change to customer specific labeling requirement, such as use of a different label format or symbology, a business user can make that change without waiting for IT or a release window. When the business user has the capability to enact changes independently, without requiring service from IT, they’re able to reduce time and cost in the barcode labeling process while improving customer responsiveness.

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