Adopting New FDA Nutrition Labels amid Shifting Deadlines

by Denny Ross, on July 5, 2017

Food manufacturers will need new nutrition facts labels, at an unclear date.
Food manufacturers will need new nutrition facts labels, at an unclear date.

There has been one constant feature on U.S. food packages for the past few decades - the standardized nutrition facts label. Due to a long-discussed Food and Drug Administration mandate, the exact specifications of that panel will be changing in the near future. While the deadline has recently eased, it's never wise for companies to drag their feet on adopting new required labeling features. Therefore, it's time for leaders to commit to the new style, if they haven't already.

Latest on the Deadline

With the adoption of a new labeling style affecting so many food producers around the country and the world, a lot of eyes are watching the progress of the rule. According to Reuters, the FDA has not yet set a new deadline for compliance. The agency has released a statement saying that the date to comply by will be announced - at an unspecified later date.

This easing of the schedule is not unprecedented or even unexpected, as Reuters noted that there has been industry lobbying in favor of a longer timeline, and a recent delay to nutrition facts labeling at restaurants.

"The new label has seen several changes and clarifications."

Food Dive noted earlier this year that the label has seen several explanations and clarifications as it has made its way toward implementation. These included a ruling on additional sugars in fruit and vegetables. The source also noted that the representatives in the House Freedom Caucus have come out against letting the new rules become law at all.

Be Ready to Change

While changing deadlines and opposition from some lawmakers may lull manufacturers into a sense of security, there's no sense in being surprised when rules actually change. Companies that don't want to find themselves out of compliance should ensure they have labeling solutions in place to change their product packaging across the board - or contact a food labeling partner to implement a new system.

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