A “Must Read” for Chemical Supply Chain Success

by Craig Hodgson, on January 13, 2017

What are some of your top-of-mind concerns in the Chemical supply chain? If you’re like most professionals in the industry, labeling certainly plays a key role—especially with ongoing GHS regulations. Any mislabeling can result in costly delays and fines. But did you know labeling can also have a significant impact on the success or failure of your extended supply chain? Choose the right solution and you can see dramatic improvements in efficiency, cost reduction, and inventory management. Choose the wrong solution and…well…

That’s why we’re excited to introduce a brand new report that addresses key concerns related to labeling and the supply chain. Featuring Loftware’s Chemical specialist Greg Wimble, “6 Burning Questions (and Answers) on Chemical Labeling” provides expert insight into how Enterprise Labeling Solutions not only meet your labeling challenges, but drive bottom-line gains across your supply chain. Greg has more than 25 years of experience in enterprise software and supply chain solutions, and has helped some of the world’s leading chemical companies optimize their labeling process.

How can labeling help simplify your increasingly complex chemical supply chain—and lower costs?

What steps can you take to respond faster to ever-evolving customer and partner requirements?

How can you save millions of dollars in inventory reduction through labeling?

Why is labeling so critical in the event of a merger or acquisition?

Get the answers to these questions and others in this quick-read, interview-style Q&A report. It’s available now for download. You’ll benefit from Greg’s vast experience working with leading companies such as 3M, Chevron, Dow, Lubrizol, and more.

Enterprise labeling for Chemicals can make a difference to your supply chain—and your profitability. See for yourself and check out this helpful new Q&A report.


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