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by Dalton Litzelman, on January 23, 2020

As a business leader, you may be wondering, what can I do to create new efficiencies while cutting costs within my organization? One clear cut answer to solve many business …

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by Christian Mueller, on January 21, 2020

Our latest publication ‘In2 Unlocking Efficiencies’ looks at the benefits your business can realize by extending labeling processes to your supply chain. Across all industries, many businesses are reaping the …

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by Marc Corriveau, on January 10, 2020

Have you heard? This year Top 5 Trends in Labeling and Packaging Artwork has been released and you are not going to want to miss the latest insight into this …

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Topics:LabelingArtwork ManagementBarcode Labeling

by Max Manikian, on January 8, 2020

Artwork management software can negate common content management challenges. Projects such as Artwork Management for product packaging can only proceed smoothly when stakeholders have the resources they need to succeed …

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Topics:Consumer ProductsRetailManufacturingLabeling

by Maureen Perroni, on December 27, 2019

Barcodes are everywhere. They’re on every product you buy, and on every component or sub-assembly of those products as well. You find barcodes on cattle tags, on shipping containers, and …

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Topics:Barcode Labeling

by Scott Vigneault, on December 25, 2019

Today, enterprises are attempting to streamline the flow of products and information across channel, network, and organizational boundaries to create flexible and demand-driven supply chains—while also meeting their profitability objectives …

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Topics:SAP LabelingSAP

by Justin Ward, on December 23, 2019

New ways of storing assets come with great potential value. One of the most worrisome phrases in packaging artwork management is "Where is that?" When designers, compliance teams and other …

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Topics:Consumer ProductsRetailManufacturingLabelingArtwork ManagementC-Level Issues

by Joe Longo, on December 19, 2019

Enterprise labeling is one of many solutions going into the cloud. The mainstream adoption of cloud-based software has delivered new functionality and possibilities in the enterprise space, blurring the lines …

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Topics:LabelingLabeling Trends

by Sam Ireland, on December 17, 2019

With digital transformation being a driving force of business improvement, you need to ensure that your barcode labeling and artwork processes don’t get left in the dark ages. Adopting a …

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Topics:LabelingArtwork ManagementC-Level Issues

by Jessica Plourde Hutter, on December 12, 2019

When is the last time you asked yourself, are labeling obstacles holding my company back? Unfortunately, when it comes to managing a supply chain, labeling is often overlooked. But take …

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Topics:LabelingBarcode Labeling

by Laura Johnson, on November 26, 2019

This article was originally published in MedTech Intelligence. With the next major milestone for EU MDR (Medical Device Regulation) fast approaching, many medical device companies are finding they need to make …

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Topics:Medical Devices

by Diana Headrick, on November 19, 2019

For years, companies managed their labeling operations locally at manufacturing or warehousing locations using a variety of stand-alone solutions. As organizations expanded product lines across global markets, they began to …

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Topics:LabelingSpectrumLabeling Trends

by Liam Conlin, on November 12, 2019

Labels with digital components have a rising presence across industries. Across industries and regions, companies have been embracing e-labeling, whether because they are mandated by law or simply looking for …

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Topics:PharmaceuticalsElectronicsLife SciencesManufacturingLabelingFood & BeverageTrack & TraceabilityBarcode Labeling

by Ashley Tartaglia, on November 5, 2019

Customization and personalization may be the key to increasing products' appeal. There are many ways to customize product artwork and labeling, or to even change the goods themselves to suit …

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Topics:Consumer ProductsRetailLabelingLogisticsBrand IntegrityLabeling Trends

by Nigel Winteringham, on October 31, 2019

Digitized workflows are a major boon to artwork management. Efficiency matters in packaging design in general, and Artwork Management in particular. Every single extra manual step involved in approving new …

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