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January 10, 2022

Press Release

Loftware Acquires PRISYM ID, Expands Enterprise Labeling Solutions for Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Companies

Adds Clinical Trials Labeling and Regulated Content Management to Cloud-Based Platform

Portsmouth, NH – January 11, 2022– Loftware Inc., the largest global software company specializing in Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management solutions, today announced that it has acquired PRISYM ID, a leading provider of regulated content and label management solutions with a focus on clinical trials, medical device and pharmaceutical labeling. The acquisition expands Loftware’s Enterprise Labeling solution offerings for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries while enhancing Loftware’s end-to-end cloud-based labeling platform by adding advanced clinical trial labeling and regulated content management capabilities.

The union furthers Loftware’s long-standing commitment to medical device and pharmaceutical customers and strengthens the Company’s ability to meet labeling complexities and evolving regulatory demands. The need to improve agility, manufacturing, and distribution in support of patient safety and healthcare outcomes has never been more vital as COVID-19 has amplified the challenges in medical device and pharmaceutical supply chains. Building on PRISYM ID’s industry focus, Loftware will offer customers new levels of innovation to help enable compliance through accurate, validation-ready labeling solutions and regulated product content, while also growing the Loftware platform and offering more services to these strategic markets. The platform empowers companies to optimize continuity, improve agility and enable traceability as they’re faced with new and ensuing challenges around today’s complex supply chain, which has placed extra emphasis on the importance of labeling.

This acquisition will also help customers tackle the challenges of clinical trial labeling, performed either in-house, through Clinical Research Organizations (CRO) or through Clinical Development & Manufacturing Organizations (CDMO). This comes at a time when companies are setting new benchmarks for accelerating clinical development and the need to decentralize clinical trials and deliver supplies to a myriad of locations is ever increasing. The importance of accelerating clinical trials and getting medicines and vaccines to patients sooner has never been more important.

“This acquisition builds on Loftware’s and PRISYM ID’s experience and unites the best talent in the medical device and pharmaceutical labeling industry today. Combined, we serve many of the largest global companies with solutions, services and support that are vital to managing labeling complexities and regulatory requirements,” stated Loftware President and CEO, Robert O’Connor Jr. “PRISYM ID is a pioneer in clinical trials labeling and delivers solutions that are purpose-built for managing the nuances of this space. We will enable customers to tackle the complex challenges around clinical trial labeling and help them with the ability to quickly and efficiently complete trials,” he added.

The acquisition enables customers across all industries to meet a broader set of requirements. It adds clinical trials solutions to Loftware’s existing Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management platform and will enhance medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers’ ability to deliver certainty and safety to patients with validation and compliance-ready labeling solutions. Both Loftware and PRISYM ID customers will benefit from the increased scale and investment, continuous innovation, and unparalleled domain expertise that Loftware brings to its industry-leading platform with the PRISYM ID acquisition.

“Together with Loftware, we can offer new levels of innovation which will further accelerate momentum in serving our customers and market. We’ll also be expanding our global presence and increasing our service and support resources to better serve our customers and meet increasing demands,” stated Richard Adams, CEO of PRISYM ID. “By combining the competences of two leaders in the field, we can provide unrivaled solutions for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, unlock new opportunities in clinical trials labeling and offer a full range of solutions for customers to meet all their labeling needs,” he added.

For more information on this recent acquisition and what it means to the medical device, pharmaceutical and clinical trials labeling space, watch our on-demand webinar. 

About Loftware

Loftware is the world’s largest cloud-based Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management provider, offering an end-to-end labeling solution platform for companies of all sizes. Maintaining a global presence with offices in US, UK, Germany, Slovenia, China, and Singapore, Loftware boasts over 35 years of expertise in solving labeling challenges. We help companies improve accuracy, traceability and compliance while improving the quality, speed, and efficiency of their labeling. As the leading global provider of Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management solutions, Loftware enables supply chain agility, supports evolving regulations, and optimizes business operations for a wide range of industries including automotive, chemicals, consumer products, electronics, food & beverage, manufacturing, medical device, pharmaceuticals, retail and apparel.


PRISYM ID provides regulated content and label management solutions designed specifically for life science companies and medical device manufacturers, improving patient safety and health outcomes whilst ensuring regulatory compliance. PRISYM ID’s unique products and technologies are used to assure compliance globally, for 10 million+ medical device, clinical trials and pharmaceutical products annually.

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