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December 13, 2021

Press Release

Loftware Smartflow 26.3 Optimizes Usability and Reduces Reworks For Managing Packaging Artwork

Maureen Perroni

Director of Content & Communications

Expands Access, Management, and Use of Pre-Approved Packaging Phrase Copy Through Master Datasheets

Portsmouth, NH – December 14, 2021– Loftware, Inc., the global leader in Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management solutions, has launched a new release of its automated artwork management solution, Loftware Smartflow 26.3. This new release strengthens connectivity to Master Datasheets, which helps users to store and manage reusable packaging artwork content for artwork projects. This saves time and ensures consistency by leveraging pre-approved common phrases and translations for product lines or product portfolios.

Smartflow 26.3 enables users to access common phrases they have stored in its Phrase Library, therefore eliminating the need to re-enter approved copy in Master Datasheets. This enhancement has the ability to track where phrases are used, both in Master Datasheets and in projects, allowing users to administer bulk updates across projects.

“This release saves our customers time and improves the accuracy of their output, speeding time to market. The update also makes it easier to identify where phrases and assets have previously been used in Master Datasheets and projects, again saving time, reducing errors, and improving efficiency across packaging artwork processes,” said Glen Bradlee, Loftware Director of Product Management. “This capability is essential for companies concerned about adhering to customer, regulatory, and branding requirements across their global operations,” he added.

Additionally, Smartflow 26.3 provides more flexibility by allowing users to include a Master Datasheet Admin Workflow, which manages the process to edit, update, and approve content used in packaging projects, as a sub-project of a longer project workflow. This eliminates the need to manage two projects separately, making it easier to manage the end-to-end packaging artwork process.

Other enhancements in Smartflow 26.3 include better oversight of storage usage and concurrent user logins within the platform, as well as more flexibility in changing roles between different departments. It also adds new email preferences to reduce the number of notifications sent to users.

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