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January 28, 2019

Press Release

Loftware “Writes the Book” on Artwork Management

Maureen Perroni

Director of Content & Communications

Trusted Global Leader in Packaging Lifecycle Management and Supply Chain Labeling introduces “Artwork Management for Dummies”® eBook

Portsmouth, NH — January 29, 2019 – Loftware, Inc., the global leader in Enterprise Labeling & Artwork Management Solutions, recently released an informative new eBook that offers an easy to understand explanation of Artwork Management and how to streamline the packaging artwork process and reduce time to market by automating workflow and eliminating spreadsheets. For a limited time, the digital version of “Artwork Management for Dummies” is available as a free download here.

Written for anyone that is involved in creating, reviewing or approving packaging artwork or product labeling, this book helps readers quickly get up to speed on everything to do with managing those processes. It spells out the essentials for mastering packaging lifecycle management and highlights best practices for transforming chaos to calm with an automated, configurable, integrated solution that handles processes from end to end.

It provides insight on navigating a sea of stakeholders, managing regulatory requirements and eliminating process bottlenecks. It also showcases the value of centrally storing and managing digital assets while leveraging integrated data from other sources of truth to incorporate other necessary content. The book also highlights the efficiencies gained by combining Artwork Management with Enterprise Labeling into a single, cloud-based digital platform that can create, manage and print label and packaging artwork across a global enterprise.

Some of the topics include how efficient Artwork Management can help in “Copying with Artwork Overload” in order to manage increasing product offerings and variations with differing language or legal requirements. The book also outlines how to avoid “Drowning in Spreadsheets” by eliminating time consuming and inefficient manual processes. Additionally, readers can learn how to “Make Your Process Perfect” and scale globally to support changing business needs.

Registration is required to download the free e-book, which is available for only a short time. For more information or to obtain a digital copy please visit the Loftware website or the Artwork Management for Dummies page.

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About Loftware

Loftware is the global market leader in Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management solutions with more than 5,000 customers in over 100 countries. Offering the industry’s most comprehensive digital platform, with SaaS, cloud-based and on-premise solutions, Loftware redefines how enterprises create, manage and print complex labeling and packaging artwork and scale across their operations. Loftware solutions integrate with SAP®, Oracle® and other enterprise applications to produce mission-critical barcode labels, documents, RFID smart tags and packaging artwork. Our combined platform–whether for labeling, artwork management or both–enables customers to uniquely meet regulatory mandates, mitigate risk, reduce complexity, ensure traceability, improve time to market and optimize costs as they meet customer-specific, brand, regional and regulatory requirements with unprecedented speed and agility.

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