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Sustainability is an important part of what we do

We understand that sustainability is not just about protecting the environment but is also about creating a strong and successful company for our employees and customers.

As such, we are dedicated to making our products as efficient and as environmentally friendly as possible, while also providing our customers and partners with the high-quality solutions and services they need.

That’s why we work with companies of all sizes across a variety of industries and help them to digitally transform their supply chains. By adopting our powerful cloud-based labeling and packaging artwork solutions, our customers and partners can make progress towards their corporate social responsibility goals by reducing inventory, eliminating a large global carbon footprint, and avoiding unnecessary loss and waste of products.

Our sustainability efforts also provide us with the opportunity to create meaningful partnerships with organizations and communities that share our commitment to the environment. One example lies within the area of sustainable forestry. As a global company, we’ve financed the planting of thousands of trees in areas that have been impacted by forest fires. This initiative continues to be essential to the reforestation, conservation, and protection of endangered forests around the world. Planting trees not only contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, it also helps to sequester CO2 emissions while providing co-benefits such as water filtration, shelter, food sources, poverty alleviation, and biodiversity.

Additionally, we include employees in our drive to be more sustainable. At each of our locations, we have a dedicated team that is tasked with identifying ways to make our company and operations more environmentally friendly. These include recycling, less commuting due to our remote-first company policy, responsibly choosing suppliers, cleaning community spaces, and cars sharing. We believe that small steps contribute to our cause and help to connect our teams on a deeper level.