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July 26, 2023


How Supplyit is Innovating Food Production Management with Cloud-enabled Label Design and Printing

Supplyit drives innovation in the food and beverage space by helping companies reduce waste, streamline operations, and manage every aspect of food operations from start to finish. The key to their success, an effective and efficient labeling process.

In this recorded webinar, Wynne Barrett (Co-Founder & VP of Business Development) and Thomasin LaMachia (Operations & Partner) from Supplyit discussed how Supplyit integrated Loftware NiceLabel Cloud to provide labeling and printing within its business systems. Watch now to learn more about how Supplyit;

  • Decreases food production hurdles and improve time-to-market with the ability to track and control food waste.
  • Streamlines each step of the food management process from manufacturing, labeling, and printing, to picking, packing, and food delivery.
  • Quickly and easily help customers design, manage, and print labels across departments, factories and locations while reducing IT costs.
  • Simplifies the compliance process to adhere to industry regulations 
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  • Labeling
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