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The Rise of Technology-Infused Supply Chains

In the changing landscape of global commerce, businesses of all sizes find themselves faced with pressing challenges and transformative opportunities within their supply chains. As these companies plan for 2024 and beyond, the combination of geopolitical uncertainties, climate instability, and the threat of recession continues to impact agility, resilience, and profitability. Organizations are grappling with disruptions that extend far beyond the traditional scopes, requiring a strategic recalibration to weather the storm and emerge stronger in the face of adversity.

The driving force behind this era of supply chain evolution is a technological resurgence

As companies deal with the complexities of activities such as logistics optimization, inventory management, and demand forecasting, a commitment to bolstering digital transformation strategies through investment in innovative technologies such as the Cloud will be critical. Gartner predicts that more than 50% of enterprises will use industry cloud platforms to accelerate their business initiatives by 2027*. By taking a cloud-first approach, organizations can fortify their supply chains against both current and future uncertainties.

This report is based on our survey of hundreds of professionals from organizations across all major industries and 55 countries. Within it you will find:

  • How labeling operations, packaging artwork management, and the global supply chain are all areas poised to be reshaped by growing demands around sustainability, whether that be from customers, governments, or investors.
  • How a stricter focus on industries – from life sciences, to manufacturing, to food & beverage, and more – is driving supply chain decisions and impacting the bottom line. 
  • Why end-to-end traceability is more critical than ever, particularly as companies look to eliminate product recalls and avoid counterfeiting and diversion. 
  • Why cloud adoption is the cornerstone of digital transformation and why forward-thinking businesses are investing in cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and IoT solutions.
  • How supply chain collaboration is becoming increasingly critical as companies look to enforce better supplier compliance and ensure continuous production.  

“Cloud makes it possible to quickly deploy new technologies at scale while simultaneously reducing risk. As AI captures the imagination of technology and business leaders, the agility provided by cloud enables organizations to deliver continuous value for both internal and external stakeholders.” **

*Gartner, Top Strategic Technology Trends 2024. Bart Willemsen, VP Analyst.
** IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Cloud 2024 Predictions.

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