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December 1, 2020

Press Release

Global Clinical Trial Supplies Specialist RxSource invests in clinical labeling software to enhance service offering

PRISYM 360 SaaS clinical trials solution will help RxSource streamline its operations

*This press release was distributed prior to Loftware's acquisition of PRISYM ID*

Wokingham, United Kingdom – December 1, 2020 - PRISYM ID, a leading provider of regulated content and label management solutions, announced today that Global Clinical Trial Supplies Specialist RxSource has invested in the innovative PRISYM 360 clinical labeling platform. The software will enable RxSource to optimize its demand-led secondary packaging and labeling services, and supply medicines faster.

RxSource specializes in the ethical sourcing, packaging, and delivery of medicines for Clinical Trials, Research & Development, and Expanded Access Programs. They will now be able to design and create labels in-house using the cloud-based PRISYM 360 clinical trials labeling solution from PRISYM ID.

This is a critical advantage for RxSource, which has offices in the US, Canada and Ireland.  They have seen a rise in demand for its services during the pandemic as drug shortages and patient recruitment have proved problematic for many companies in the clinical trials sector.

The PRISYM 360 platform optimizes label management processes, allowing users to build up a library of approved language translations and automatically apply regulatory rules and intelligence to label content. This reduces the complexity and time traditionally involved in clinical labeling.

By offering a cloud-based version of its clinical trials labeling platform, including a pre-validated pack with industry-standard print processes, PRISYM ID supports the life sciences sector’s need for ever more agility.

“We work closely with our customers to provide bespoke drug supply solutions and we have played a critical role in supporting them during the challenges faced as a result of the pandemic. The PRISYM 360 platform is a valuable service offering for our business because it will enable us to package and supply medicines in as little as 48 hours. With shorter lead times and our own automated in-house labeling and printing system, we can ensure regulatory compliance.”  – said Rhys Evans, Senior Director, CTS & Global Supply, RxSource.

“We are very pleased that RxSource has invested in our cloud-based clinical trials labeling solution, PRISYM 360, which provides a straightforward and cost-effective solution for companies that want to streamline this critical aspect of their business. It mitigates the complexity and risk involved in clinical labeling, giving customers reassurance that their labels and booklets are fully compliant, and enabling them to take control of the design and printing process in-house," said Warren Stacey, SVP of Global Sales at PRISYM ID.


PRISYM ID provides regulated content and label management solutions designed specifically for life science companies and medical device manufacturers, improving patient safety and health outcomes whilst ensuring regulatory compliance. PRISYM ID’s unique products and technologies are used to assure compliance globally, for 10 million+ medical device, clinical trial and pharmaceutical products annually.

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