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The Enterprise Labeling Solution for SAP

Hundreds of leading, global companies, who run their businesses with SAP® Applications, use Loftware Enterprise Labeling Solutions to drive topline revenue growth, improve customer responsiveness, cut cost, and enhance supply chain efficiency. Loftware's solutions are specifically designed to integrate with SAP and offer an unprecedented level of flexibility and power to create, manage, and print mission-critical barcode labels across the supply chain.

Single Source of Truth for Labeling via an SAP Certified Integration

Loftware solutions are designed to work in your SAP environment via a prebuilt, certified integration. You can leverage the power of External Output Management using SAP's BC-XOM integration, without having to modify code or alter existing business processes. The integration enables companies to use SAP as the Single Source of Truth for labeling data, while providing print status information directly to the user.

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Dramatically Cut Cost and Simplify Maintenance with Labeling Business Rules

Loftware's business rules engine provides customers with ultimate labeling flexibility while removing the need to write code to support the complexities of enterprise labeling in SAP. Configurable business rules enable you to dramatically reduce the number of label templates, while allowing you to dynamically alter label content (images, warnings, languages, etc.), print multiple and different labels from a single request, pull data from other data sources, and automatically select printers.

Improve Customer Responsiveness and Time to Market

Many SAP users are challenged by waiting for expensive technical resources in order to create changes to labels or for the next window to update their production instance with new label templates. With Loftware's industry leading label design application, users can easily create and maintain labels for the SAP environment. Designing even the most complex labels with a fully visual design tool empowers you to make changes to labels in minutes instead of weeks or months.

Extreme Speed and Enterprise Level Scalability

Loftware's Enterprise Labeling Solutions are designed for large scale, global deployment. A high speed queuing system provides support for label printing to a global network with thousands of printers producing millions of labels per day.

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SAP® Certified

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SAP Certification for barcode labeling software


“Loftware has been building its focus around addressing users' vertical and/or industry-specific regulatory and compliance labeling requirements via their their comprehensive enterprise labeling solution.”

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