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VDC Research: The Future of Labeling
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Barcode labeling is central to a range of mission-critical enterprise operations including production and distribution; supply chain monitoring, management and control; and final delivery. Read firsthand from VDC Research, the leading authority in barcode hardware and software industry analysis, to find out how today's global supply chain and evolving regulatory and customer requirements are shaping the future of labeling.

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For Supply Chain Professionals

Supply Chain Strategies:

June 2016 London Times Supplement

Download supplement featuring article from Supply Chain Brain: Raising the Barcode - An Intro to Enterprise Labeling
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Top 5 Trends of Enterprise Labeling

[WEBINAR] Top 5 Trends

of Enterprise Labeling

Watch this 30 minute recording on the top 5 barcode labeling trends to improve your supply chain.
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IT Managers: Barcode Labeling Experts Series

SAP® and Labeling Integration

Optimize Your Supply Chain

There are many benefits that SAP-based organizations realize when integrating with an Enterprise Labeling Solution.
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8 Essentials of Enterprise Labeling

Why demand for Color Labeling in the Supply Chain is on the Rise

In today’s global supply chain, the colors used in labeling can be just as communicative and as important as the words or the label data. It’s no longer just important to show a pretty label on a finished product–demand for color labeling has moved beyond finished goods and businesses are beginning to see the importance of using color labeling throughout the entire supply chain.

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8 Essentials of Enterprise Labeling

Loftware Named One of Best Companies to Work for in New Hampshire

We are honored that Business NH Magazine has selected Loftware as one of the Best Companies to Work For in 2016. For the third year running Loftware was recognized for "creating a fun and engaging workplace for their employees."

GHS Deadline Still Looming
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[Infographic] Loftware Timeline: 30 Years of Innovation in Supply Chain Labeling

Timeline illustrating Loftware's 30 years of Leadership, Innovation and Customer Commitment

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