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Centralize Control of Your Printing

Thousands of leading, global companies use the Loftware Print Server to manage and process mission critical barcode labels, RFID smart labels, and documents across their supply chain. The Loftware Print Server is designed to integrate within your enterprise, allowing you to drive labels directly from your enterprise systems (ERP, WMS, PLM, SAP, or Oracle Applications). With a 99.999% uptime, our solutions are built to support high availability environments (load dividing, fault tolerance, and automatic failover) to assure continuous high-volume label production.

Complete Visibility into Your Label Printing

The Loftware Print Server offers advanced capabilities that enable organizations to centralize operations for increased control and lower costs. Label Versioning, provides users with a true history of the label and allows customers to track label version changes and add comments through a streamlined, intuitive workflow. Other advanced features include email alerts for system and printer notifications, a status client for monitoring the Loftware Print Server and its associated printers, and the ability to add and change labels within days without affecting the enterprise business applications.

One Print Server for All of Your Printers

The Loftware Print Server supports all major printer languages and thousands of printer models; translating label print requests into native printer language easily. You can print to different printer brands and models, eliminate costly device-specific code, and optimize printer performance by leveraging Loftware's native drivers.

Designed to Scale with Your Business

The Loftware Print Server is designed to scale with your organization and is available in Starter, Standard, and Premier Editions. Contact sales today to learn more about the LPS features and functionality.

Functional highlights of the Label Design Tool:

  • A true history of the label over time with Label Versioning
  • Extensive barcode symbologies
  • Multiple languages (including Chinese and other Multibyte languages) on the same label
  • Enhanced label template flexibility with Embedded Images
  • Support for ASCII files and ODBC databases and a formula builder for real-time data parsing and mathematical operations
  • Centralized sharing of labels, databases and graphic files by print stations
  • Direct, native control of barcode and RFID Smart label thermal transfer and Windows printers

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Adding Intelligence to Barcode Software

Integrate & Leverage the Power
of Business Rules

The Loftware Print Server is easily integrated with your packaged and custom enterprise solutions, including pre-built, certified integrations to SAP® and Oracle®-based applications. This integration also exposes the power of business logic enabling users to quickly address complex, evolving customer and regulatory labeling requirements via a user configurable business rules engine.
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