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Loftware Label Manager®: Features

The Loftware Label Manager is a label design and printing package that facilitates customer and internal labeling mandates. With it, you can create virtually any type of barcode labels. Low volume printing can be achieved with one of the included ‘stand alone’ printing modules. Labels created can also be used with the Loftware Print Server® for large–scale printing and/or integration with Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain or Warehouse Management Systems.

  • Label Design Wizard – Create a new label, open a compliance label template or pre-existing label
  • Label Design Mode – Intuitive feature allows you to configure RFID tags, place and size bar codes, text, line, box and graphic fields on the Designer screen
  • Printer Configuration Wizard – Choose your printer family (manufacturer), the model, and the type of connection you are using (i.e., TCP/IP) and your target printer is set up in seconds
  • Print International Labels – The Language Properties Wizard allows you to create any international language field on your label.
  • Print On-Demand –An operator data entry screen is automatically created while you design your label.
  • Print a Range of Labels - The Range Print Module allows a range of labels to be printed from any ODBC32-compliant database using a pre-defined, or dynamic SQL query. Ranges can also be specified by using the “Query Assistant” which can eliminate the need to know SQL.
  • Direct TCP/IP link. The Loftware Label Manager delivers additional network connectivity features by remotely attaching network printers directly through TCP/IP Windows Sockets.
  • Import and Merge files. Import and merge labels to any supported printer type.
  • Centrally locate files. Centrally share label formats, serial number files, and databases from any client across your entire LAN/WAN network.
  • Administration capabilities. Audit your print jobs, view label history, and security features for controlling access.

Power to Produce Millions of Labels!

No other output label management software is able to match Loftware Print Server's (LPS) ability to scale in high performance and high demand production, logistics and warehouse environments. It has the proven reliability and track record to run all your labeling output requirements. Combine this solution with the powerful integration and business intelligence features of the Loftware Connector® family of products for Oracle, SAP and other ERP and WMS environments, and you now have the ability to solve all your labeling needs on a global scale.

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