The Next Level of Barcode Label Design and Printing

userguides-icon.pngIf you need powerful barcode label printing software to meet the most complex labeling requirements, the Loftware Label Manager (LLM) is the industry standard. With Loftware's label management software, you can create any type of barcode label required to meet ever-evolving customer and regulatory needs across your supply chain.

Design Barcode Labels with Ease

Our label design software comes standard with all of the tools you will ever need to create the highest quality labels—supporting a wide range of barcode, RFID and other printer types across the enterprise. Designing labels is intuitive with Loftware, and you can speed up the labeling design process by using our large list of pre-designed label templates—built to meet all your internal/external labeling requirements and mandates.

Print Your Labels from Critical Business Applications

Labels created in the designer are readily available for label printing. They can be accessed and printed from any mission critical business application and can be stored and retrieved at any time from a central repository. Features like Label Scripting bring a whole new dimension to intelligent label design and printing by giving you the ability to perform label logic, at the label field level, prior to actually printing the required labels.

Functional highlights of the Label Design Tool:

  • Extensive barcode symbologies
  • Multiple languages (including Chinese and other Multibyte languages) on the same label
  • Character Level Formatting (CLF) gives designers additional flexibility to manipulate characters within a single text field without having to change their source of data.
  • Support for ASCII files and ODBC databases and a formula builder for real-time data parsing and mathematical operations
  • Centralized sharing of labels, databases and graphic files by print stations
  • Direct, native control of barcode and RFID Smart label thermal transfer and Windows printers


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