Time to Think Outside the Box?


Labeling and packaging are joined at the hip, yet traditional methods of barcode labeling often fall short in meeting your increased demands for speed, efficiency, flexibility and pinpoint accuracy.

Labeling matters to you because:

  • Existing mix of labeling packages can’t keep up with automation efforts, delays time to market
  • Failure to meet regional label requirements leads to returned or confiscated products
  • Customer labeling changes take too long, result in errors and are hard to manage
  • Labels are evolving; need to support different colors, multiple languages, graphics, logos, etc.
  • Label review process is disjointed or non-existent; “who knows what’s on the label?”
  • Disjointed packaging/shipping process slows order fulfillment, lowers revenue potential

How Enterprise Labeling Helps

  • Automate and trigger labeling from existing business applications and processes
  • Ensure label accuracy by integrating with ERP, MES, PLM and other sources of truth
  • Make customer label changes quickly and easily using business rules—without waiting for IT
  • Quickly add color, multiple languages, logos, etc. with WYSIWYG interface
  • Review and approve labels with an auditable workflow that supports eSignatures
  • Streamline the “pick-pack-ship” process to print labels, product literature and other materials from one place


What Our Customers Are Saying

Loftware’s label design tool is top of the class. Of all the label design products I’ve encountered in 19 years in the industry, this is the best. Period.

-Eric Richmond, Director of ERP Applications, Modine

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