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As part of the Operations team, you have a lot of ground to cover. Even the slightest delays and disruptions in one area—like labeling—quickly add up to lost productivity, lost revenue.   

Labeling matters to you because:

  • Recurring errors slow production, shipping, receiving and other operations
  • Manual labeling interferes with automation efforts; weak link in meeting goals
  • Delay in making label changes further impedes overall productivity
  • Disparate, point-product labeling is difficult to manage and scale to support growth
  • Limited visibility into labeling prevents quick response to issues or outages
  • Disjointed packaging/shipping process creates inefficiencies in order fulfillment

How Enterprise Labeling Helps

  • Ensure label accuracy by integrating with ERP, MES, PLM and other sources of truth
  • Centralize, automate and trigger labeling from existing business applications and processes
  • Empower key stakeholders to make label changes quickly and easily—without waiting for IT—using business rules
  • Extend high-availability labeling to multiple locations with automatic failover
  • Gain real-time view of labeling activity, users, errors and more with customizable dashboards
  • Automate “pick-pack-ship” process to consolidate printing and streamline order fulfillment


What Our Customers Are Saying

Royal Philips avoided supply chain disruptions and expanded into new markets using Loftware for compliance.
-Jeremiah Utley, Operations Group, Royal Philips
Source: TechValidate. TVID: AFC-38C-66D

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