Are All Your Processes Optimized?


While focusing on the big picture, you may not realize that supply chain labeling has a direct impact on your time to revenue, profitability, customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Labeling matters to you because:

  • Constant delays with existing labeling slow throughput; weak link in automation efforts
  • Disparate, siloed labeling leads to errors as requirements continue to change
  • Costly fines, penalties and/or recalls due to non-compliant regulatory labeling
  • Returned product and lost business due to not meeting customer label demands
  • Catastrophic events will halt production at plants with point-product labeling solutions
  • Company growth and expansion plans impeded by disparate, non-standardized labeling

How Enterprise Labeling Helps

  • Reduce costs associated with errors and mislabeling from a non-standardized process
  • Improve time to revenue by automating labeling from existing business processes
  • Eliminate risks of costly fines by ensuring regulatory and customer compliance with integrated labeling
  • Avoid wasteful relabeling and reduce inventory costs by extending labeling to trade partners
  • Scale labeling easily and cost-effectively to align with growth/expansion plans


What Our Customers Are Saying

We needed a straightforward ‘design and print’ system and a complex, multi-site, multi-country, multi-language, multi-vendor printing system for an Oracle cloud platform. Expensive hurts once. Poor quality and poor design hurt for a long time! The very best solution has proven to be Loftware's Enterprise Labeling Solution.

-Thomas McClintock, Executive Consulting, Accurate Data Systems, Inc.

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