Loftware Print Server 12.0 & Loftware Label Manager 12.0

New Release Coming Soon

Loftware’s product team is excited to announce the upcoming release of Loftware Print Server (LPS) 12.0 and Loftware Label Manager (LLM) 12.0. Version 12.0 will offer improved label design options, expanded printer support, enhanced printer management capabilities, and introduces new integration and deployment options.

What are the major new features introduced in version 12.0?
  • Horizontal and Vertical Positioning for Variable Images, Barcodes and Human Readables represent new label design properties that offer more control and flexibility for horizontal and vertical placement. These new design properties increase design flexibility and facilitate regulatory compliance.
  • Field Name View in Design offers a new view of a label in design that displays the field names and the data source for each variable object on a label. This capability facilitates data integration and data mapping by showing where data will be displayed on the label, thus improving design functionality.
  • Cross Model Printing for ZPLII, IPL, SBPL reduces the need for label configuration changes as printer inventories change. Now customers can enable labels that are designed for a named model to print to a family driver that supports the same printer language, or vice versa, print a label designed for a family driver to a named printer model that supports the same printer language. LPS 12.0 offers this for ZPLII, IPL and SBPL. This new capability provides increased flexibility and significant time savings.
  • Support for the new SATO SBPL Family Driver with Cross Model Printing introduces a new, native family driver. The SBPL family driver expands the native driver options available in LPS/LLM for high speed label printing. In addition, the cross model printing functionality is offered with the family driver, as described above.
  • 64-Bit .NET Controls expand LPS’s integration capabilities by enabling customers to integrate their 64-Bit .NET applications to LPS using .NET Controls. LPS 12.0 can now seamlessly and directly integrate with these .NET applications to drive label printing.
  • Support for Microsoft Hyper-V enables the deployment of LPS in the Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Environment, expanding options for virtual environments.
  • Improved Performance for Label Scripts is achieved with a new scripting engine that offers significant performance improvements in processing scripts and printing labels. The new scripting engine supports existing scripts on labels.

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If you have any questions, please contact your account executive or calling 603-766-3630 x 405 for more information.

The Convergence of Enterprise Labeling & Artwork Management

Convergence of Enterprise Labeling and Artwork ManagementFor years now businesses have struggled with managing the growing complexities of their supply chains and go-to market packaging artwork.

As demands increase and organizations are tasked with doing more with less, the commonalities between labeling and Artwork Management have become more apparent, and companies are beginning to look for providers to address these combined needs.

By combining these functions to create a unified approach to deal with customer, product, regulatory and regional complexities that impact both labeling and Artwork Management – whether it is on traditional packaging, online or in the supply chain – companies can provide significant efficiencies and cost savings while streamlining existing processes.

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Regulatory Labeling Guide: 6 Best Practices to Sustain Compliance

Toeing the Line with Confidence

Regulatory Labeling Guide

Label Regulations impact a variety of industries, differ depending on your region and can impact your bottom-line significantly if not managed properly. It can be extra challenging depending on your organizations products, processes and procedures.

The following report outlines common obstacles for regulatory labeling and reviews 6 best practices organizations can implement to overcome these common labeling challenges.

Download the following report to review:

  • Regulations impacting your industry
  • Managing global standards and emerging markets
  • Pitfalls of non-compliance
  • Best Practices to navigate and sustain compliance

Download the report to learn more.


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The Importance of Artwork Management in the Product Lifecycle 
Author: Maureen Perroni

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but they say nothing about judging a package by its label. The artwork surrounding your product is just as valuable and important as your product itself (if not more so; just ask anyone who collects action figures), and it requires a well-managed process. Unfortunately, the processes that manage artwork within large food, beverage, and consumer packaged goods manufacturers appear to be breaking down under pressure, not rising to the challenge. The industries above are already facing several pressures. Read the full blog.

Hot Topics at GS1 Connect? Labeling, Blockchain and More
Craig Hodgson

Last week’s GS1 Connect event held in blazing hot Phoenix brought together hundreds of key influencers and decision makers from Foodservice, Healthcare, Retail Grocery and Apparel to discuss latest trends and challenges in the supply chain. While the temperatures outside hovered around 105ºF, the cool, comfortable accommodations inside lent for some lively and constructive dialogue as companies continue to pursue ways to optimize efficiency—and drive profitability. Read the full blog.

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Navigating Global UDI Requirements

How Enterprise Labeling Helps Sustain Compliance and Optimize Supply Chain Performance


In the highly-regulated medical device industry, labeling plays a central role.

The global roll-out of UDI regulations requires medical device companies to implement a more rigorous approach to label management. As requirements continue to evolve, having a systematic method to labeling will help ensure companies maintain compliance.

As UDI rolls out around the globe many companies have needed to reevaluate their data management processes, thus having a ripple effect on how quickly their labels can comply. As companies continue to make progress and achieve compliance they face the added challenge from the new European regulation.

Download this white paper to learn how Enterprise Labeling allows users to have the flexibility to adjust labeling to account for wide variations and continuous change to meet complicated, variable business needs.

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Another Reason to Move to Spectrum: Managed Services

74% Using Private Cloud

Enterprise Labeling Best Practices

You’ve been relying on your existing labeling solution for a long time, and it has served you well. But in the face of increasing digitalization, security breaches, global competition and the ever-present need to reduce costs and improve efficiency, maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade.

Just look at what’s going on with Loftware Spectrum.

Businesses of all sizes, industries, and geographies have leveraged the cloud as part of their overall infrastructures. And many are adding managed services to avoid the costs and hassles of maintaining a software environment: deployment, installation, server maintenance, upgrades, hardware monitoring, patches, security, setup and configuration.

Loftware now offers Spectrum with a managed service option to improve your productivity, increase the focus on your business, while eliminating unexpected infrastructure costs.

When you implement Spectrum as a managed service along with other integrated applications, you simplify maintenance and support, reduce IT involvement, and easily scale your global labeling footprint. This also eliminates the need for extensive disaster recovery plans while managing automatic software upgrades.

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Flexible Text Boxes Ease Label Design

Tech Support Tips & Tricks

Flexible Text Boxes allow the Label Designer greater control over dynamic font sizing, justification, vertical alignment, line spacing, line breaks, and the ability to automatically fit variable text to a TextBox area. This feature enables enhanced control and flexibility of variable data on label templates, while reducing the amount of design work by adjusting the text within the text box area. This feature is especially useful when printing multi-language labels.

You will notice we’ve added a new icon for creating TextBox fields. TextBox fields are displayed within the Loftware Label Manager WYSIWYG or GUI designer.

This feature provides users with:

  • Dynamic Point Size: Allows resetting of the character point size when the size and width of the TextBox is changed.
  • Maximum Point Size: In regards to resizing the TextBox, sets a maximum limit to the size of text within the TextBox. Cannot be less than the size set in the Points property.
  • Minimum Point Size: In regards to resizing the TextBox, sets a minimum limit to the size of the text within the TextBox. The range is from 3 points to the setting in the Points property.
  • Remove Hard Line Breaks: Removes existing line breaks (CR, LF, and CRLF) within the text you are placing into the TextBox.
  • Justifying a TextBox: Text is aligned along the left margin, and letter- and word-spacing is adjusted so that the text falls flush with both margins.

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Labeling and Artwork Management:
A Convergence is on the Rise

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

If you haven't heard yet - forward-thinking enterprises and industry analysts agree: Enterprise Labelling and Artwork Management are converging. But why you may ask, and how can this help business? Well the answer is simple - It just makes sense. Companies have struggled for many years now to manage the growing complexities of their supply chains and go-to-market packaging content.

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Back to Basics:
Why GS1 Barcode Labels Still Matter

Back to Basics: GS1 Standards

GS1 standards are designed to improve processes when working with suppliers, co-packers, distributors, etc.—but are you on the same page? What can you do now to avoid costly delays, errors and missteps?

Get a quick “refresher” on GS1 standards and how the right labeling can help you reduce inventory, quicken time to market and enhance traceability, while aligning with future technology platforms.

Watch this webinar to learn more.


Artwork Management: The Right Way to Manage Products through their Lifecycle

Artwork Management challenges

Visit the new Artwork Management pages to learn how a comprehensive Artwork Management Solution streamlines packaging design and workflow by bringing accountability and structure to the process. Learn how implementing a configurable, automated solution to control complex packaging artwork throughout the product lifecycle enables real-time collaboration and optimizes workflow processes.

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Loftware Spectrum: The Industry’s Most Powerful Enterprise Labeling Solution

Loftware Spectrum 

Visit the new webpages to learn how the only all-in-one labeling solution to be delivered completely via browser-based interface and in the cloud, Loftware Spectrum® redefines how enterprises create, manage and print labels, enabling large organizations to seamlessly implement, deploy, maintain and scale their labeling operations across their entire global network. Configured for your specific needs, our comprehensive digital platform offers unmatched performance that ensures accuracy and consistency, while maximizing flexibility and offers unmatched expertise, service and support.

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Media: 2018 Top 5 Trends in Labeling

Barcode News

Globalization and digital technologies are changing businesses, especially as companies look to find new ways to amplify growth and expand into new markets. To do this, companies must create efficiencies in their supply chains and be able to keep up with complex and ever-changing supply chain dynamics. So, the question is - How has labeling changed with digital transformation and the new global supply chain model and how can labeling solutions meet the needs of today’s enterprise businesses?

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SAUG National Summit

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