Loftware Acquires Gap Systems

Letter from the CEO: Transforming Labeling and Artwork Management

I’m excited to share the news with you that Loftware has just acquired Gap Systems, a leading provider of SaaS-based artwork management solutions based in the UK. By combining Gap’s ability to manage complex packaging artwork across the product lifecycle with Loftware’s proven Enterprise Labeling Solutions for the supply chain, we’ll now offer a cloud-based digital platform that uniquely addresses all of your labeling and packaging artwork requirements.


This acquisition reflects a growing market trend that we identified after working with companies like yours in multiple industries. Labeling and artwork management are converging, and more companies are looking for a flexible, scalable solution to create, manage and print labeling and packaging artwork throughout their global operations. The transformation starts today.

With this acquisition, Loftware extends its global presence and leadership as the largest company in our industry. Leveraging Gap Systems’ impressive sales, services and R&D teams in EMEA and APAC, we will build on our world-class organization to give you more of what you need. More solutions. More services. More support.

To learn more about this acquisition and how it will Transform Labeling and Artwork Management, register for the upcoming webinar.
Date: Thursday, March 22, 2018
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET

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We are thrilled to join forces with Gap Systems whose people, solutions and customers are complementary to Loftware in every way. There’s much more to come, but in the meantime, feel free to contact your Loftware account representative or email us at

Best Regards,

Robert O'Connor, Jr.
President & CEO


2018 Top 5 Trends in Enterprise Labeling

2018-trends-cover.pngHow has labeling changed with digital transformation and the new global supply chain model? How can labeling solutions meet the needs of today’s enterprise businesses? 

Find out answers to these questions in this year’s labeling trends report. What has become very clear is that labeling plays an important role in creating new efficiencies both throughout the enterprise and within global supply chains. This is why, as business environments become more global and complex, companies need to look at labeling differently to keep pace with evolving technologies and so they can meet the demands of these new multi-faceted, dynamic supply chains.

This year's trends include:

  • The Definition of Enterprise Labeling is Evolving
  • Centralized Control with Continuous Uptime is Imperative
  • Analytics Improves Visibility
  • Cloud Technology is Disrupting Labeling
  • Labeling Demands More Attention

Download the 30-Minute Webinar, Annual Report or Infographic to learn more about this year's trends.

About the Trends
Loftware conducts an annual survey to get a pulse on the impact of labeling on today’s global supply chain. For the 5th annual Top 5 Trends of Enterprise Labeling report, Loftware polled nearly 1,000 professionals from organizations across all major industries in 55 different countries to gather insights on what they saw as the major trends in Enterprise Labeling for 2018. 


A New Approach to Labeling in Your Supply Chain

Who is Responsible for What on the Label?


Today’s supply chains are complex with an array of stakeholders each with their own unique roles and demands. There’s IT looking to integrate and automate systems to reduce downtime and maintenance, while Operations wants to make sure production is meeting time to market goals. There are also Quality and Regulatory people who care most about adhering to customer and third-party standards.

When it comes to Enterprise Labeling, leading organizations are turning to Loftware Spectrum to meet the complex demands of their global supply chain. A powerful, scalable 100% browser-based platform, Spectrum offers revolutionary capabilities to meet the needs of all stakeholders in the labeling process.

Watch the Webinar to learn how Loftware Spectrum can help you:

  • Enable instant browser-based access to labeling governed by role-based security
  • Centralize labeling globally, while ensuring continuous operations at remote locations
  • Empower business users to design labels to meet customer and regulatory requirements
  • Control labeling processes with configurable workflow and approvals
  • Experience unmatched performance printing to any printer across your global network

Watch the webinar today.

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Labeling and Artwork Management Converge as One
hor: Josh Roffman

For years labeling and packaging artwork have been separate, often siloed processes. But as the functions have become increasingly complex with more stakeholders and stricter requirements, we’re seeing some crossover in execution. Labels and packaging not only share similar images, branding and text, but similar challenges. More than ever before, these two, traditionally distinct areas are converging to the point where customers are looking for a faster, easier way to manage and scale labeling and artwork management across their global operations. Read the full blog.

Modern Warehouse Management: Barcodes Everywhere
Author: Max Manikian

The era of warehouses managed manually is quickly passing into history. Today's fulfillment and distribution centers are too large - and must operate too quickly - to work without ample automation. The information systems needed to make automated equipment run include barcode label systems, as this machine-readable form of data has become a standard. Read the full blog.

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Switching to SAP S/4HANA®?

Learn How Cott Optimizes Supply Chain Labeling in S/4HANA


Did you miss last month's webinar on labeling in SAP? Download this webinar to hear from, Ray Smith, Manager of IT Operations, and Todd Nelson, Warehouse Business Analyst, of Cott Beverages. They will share how a flexible, scalable Enterprise Labeling Solution automated within its SAP S/4HANA landscape improves manufacturing and distribution to support continued growth and global expansion.

You will learn how Cott was able to:

  • Integrate labeling with SAP ERP and SAP Extended Warehouse Management to automate accurate, high-volume label output 
  • Streamline label design and management for 2,300 concentrates and extracts
  • Dynamically adopt GS1 standards to save time and improve traceability
  • Respond faster to customer label requests to expedite delivery of finished goods
  • Ensure labeling high availability to prevent costly downtime 

Download this Webinar.


Enterprise Labeling Best Practices


Integrate Labeling in SAP® & SAP S/4HANA

If you’re running SAP to help drive your business, it only makes sense to pull data directly from this system of record for all of your key supply chain processes—including labeling. And yet, we find many companies that still rely on disparate label software that isn't integrated with SAP. They’ll use a separate database or worse—spreadsheets—to manage labeling information.

In this scenario, should any transactional data change in SAP, like a customer contact name for example, there’s no guarantee that this update will be reflected on the label. How can you be sure someone will manually update the spreadsheet? This leads to critical errors that can have a ripple effect on time to market, regulatory compliance, customer satisfaction and overall profitability.

That’s why more and more customers are integrating labeling in SAP to eliminate duplication of data and ensure accurate, consistent labels across their supply chain. Loftware provides the industry’s highest level of SAP-certified integration (RDI, XSF, XFP), enabling you to seamlessly add Enterprise Labeling to any SAP environment: ECC, Business Suite on HANA, S/4HANA.   

Did You Know?
SAP will no longer support its Business Suite ERP in 2025? In a recent survey of 280 SAP users on their readiness for S/4HANA, we discovered some surprising results that you can view in our new infographic. 

Download the Infographic.


Tech Support Tips & Tricks

Layer Functionality in Loftware Spectrum

Labeling extends across departments. This is why there is a growing demand for each department to 'own' particular sections of the label. To meet our customer’s needs Loftware Spectrum offers layering functionality to provide a new level of control over label design. This capability enables different groups (e.g. regulatory, brand, compliance, product management) within an enterprise to “own” and control specific layers of a label, streamlining label approvals and mass label updates.

 Watch the demo of Loftware Spectrum's layering functionality below.


For other product related questions, please contact our Engineering Technical Services Team for more information.


Quarterly Newsletter
March 15, 2018

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Media Coverage: Top 5 Trends in Enterprise Labeling 2018

packaging Europe

Globalisation and digital technologies are changing businesses, especially as companies look to find new ways to amplify growth and expand into new markets.

To do this, companies must create efficiencies in their supply chains and be able to keep up with complex and ever-changing supply chain dynamics. So, the question is - How has labelling changed with digital transformation and the new global supply chain model and how can labelling solutions meet the needs of today’s enterprise businesses?

Read the article here.


Don't Let Chemical Labeling Regulations Hurt Global Sales

Global Labeling in the Chemical Industry

As chemical companies expand business and work with partners in other regions of the world, labeling and regulatory compliance often get overlooked. Too many times product gets held up because the label does not meet the importing country's requirements. Or a sale is made in a region where a product can't be sold due to regulatory restrictions. In some regions, non-compliant product may even be destroyed. The result is costly fines, lost sales and damaged relationships.

Watch this webinar to learn what you can do to better prepare for chemical labeling and regulatory compliance across your global supply chain.

Download today.

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In the News:
Loftware Acquires Gap Systems

Labels and Labeling

Loftware, a specialist in enterprise labeling technology, has acquired UK-based Gap Systems, extending its global presence and introducing a new cloud-based digital platform promising to ‘redefine’ how enterprises create, manage and print complex labeling and packaging artwork, and scale across their operations.

Gap Systems is a provider of SaaS-based artwork management technology. Gap Systems has been involved in artwork management for more than 15 years, providing options to companies in the consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and other industries. With a focus on helping companies in regulated industries achieve compliance, Gap Systems offers technologies designed to support complex packaging artwork processes throughout the product lifecycle and across a range of stakeholders.

Learn More


Labeling Ebooks for Your Industry

Ebook for the Auto Industry 

If you’re eager to get up-to-date information on what’s happening in your industry, you’ll want to check out our new series of industry focused eBooks. These resources comprise of a selection of informative and educational articles that report on industry regulations and standards, evolving challenges for global businesses and other matters around manufacturing and supply chain.

Each new eBook also provides links to additional resources that can better help you understand how to tackle your industry specific challenges.

Explore the Ebooks below:

Food & Beverage
Medical Device
Transportation & Logistics


Website Updates

Enteprise Labeling by Role

Loftware has expanded our website. We now have dedicated pages to allow visitors to explore Enterprise Labeling, Solutions for Enterprise Labeling, Common Labeling Challenges and pages that explore how labeling impacts different roles throughout the supply chain.

To learn more about these topics, visit the website for more information.


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Meet with Loftware Executives


Loftware will be very active in the upcoming months sponsoring and exhibiting at a number of important events in the US and abroad. These events are great opportunities to meet with Loftware executives and team members, if you are attending please stop by our booth.

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