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Improve Your Labeling with Loftware Spectrum's Enhanced Capabilities

Now is the best time to move from Loftware Print Server to Loftware Spectrum. With Spectrum, you can advance your labeling to meet today’s vital business requirements.

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The Next Level of Labeling

Moving to Loftware Spectrum elevates your labeling to the next level. Universal templates and advanced design capabilities available only in Spectrum reduce both the time to create and manage labels as well as the number of templates required, all while enhancing your ability to meet expanding market demands. Spectrum’s configurable applications allow you to streamline on-demand printing and better manage labeling processes. You will gain critical insights into your labeling operations with interactive business analytics. And, Spectrum’s flexible deployment options allow you to choose to deploy in the cloud or on-premise to meet your enterprise application strategy.


Discover a New World of Label Design

Spectrum-LabelDesign-screenLoftware Spectrum simplifies your label design process. With powerful browser-based, drag-and-drop label design capabilities accessible from any seat in the organization, you can create or modify labels quickly, reducing the time to production. Spectrum’s true WYSIWYG interface guarantees that your labels print as they appear on your screen.

  • Eliminate countless templates with Universal Templates that allow you to design one label template for all make/model printers
  • Speed label creation with print preview and the ability to use live data in design
  • Enable mass changes by adding layers to your labels

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Support All Your Label Variations with Ease

Spectrum-BusinessLogic-screenAutomate your labeling to support increasingly complex requirements with Loftware Spectrum’s flexible business rules engine. Spectrum’s configurable business rules allow you to address changes and new requirements without having to build custom logic in the enterprise applications that often provide required label data.

  • Eliminate unnecessary labels templates with business logic that updates labels based on rules you define
  • Remove your dependency on IT resources by empowering business users to manage business rules
  • Leverage integrated applications with configured rules that dynamically change label content

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Automate Label Review and Approval Processes

Spectrum-workflow2-screenReplace outdated and time-consuming manual processes with automated workflows that track and manage labels through their lifecycle -- from initial creation to approval to publish. With Spectrum’s powerful and highly configurable workflow engine, you can create multiple workflows to support an unlimited number of tasks and approvers, including requiring eSignatures for validated environments.

  • Automate manual or ad hoc label approval with workflows that can include multiple stakeholders
  • Ensure that only approved labels are used with version control
  • Enable compliance and support auditability requirements with Spectrum’s ability to track label versions, changes and approvers

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Increase Control with Advanced Security

Spectrum-security-screenBring enhanced security and control to all your labeling activities. With Spectrum, you can provide simple and immediate browser-based access to users while maintaining complete control over their access to capabilities and data.

  • Manage access for users and groups with ease as business requirements change
  • Extend labeling activities to suppliers, partners, vendors, and other third parties to enable seamless collaboration in the labeling processes
  • Gain global oversight with centralized control while allowing local administration of users, printers and labels

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Eliminate Relabeling with Secure Supplier Labeling 

Spectrum-datadriven-screenLoftware Spectrum’s secure supplier labeling enables you to move inventory faster and end time-consuming relabeling by allowing supply chain partners to print your labels.

  • Eliminate partner mislabeling by ensuring only the latest and approved versions of labels are printed
  • Quickly add new suppliers by enabling cloud-based access to labels, data and devices with role-based security controls
  • Gain visibility of goods before they arrive with the ability to track which labels suppliers printed

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Add Intelligence to On-Demand Printing with Application Architect

Spectrum-Creation-screenOnly Loftware Spectrum has Application Architect, which replaces manual, paper-based processes by automating your labeling procedures. Business users can leverage drag-and-drop tools to design mobile and browser-based applications that meet the unique needs of specific labeling processes without requiring custom development.

  • Remove the risk of labeling errors by eliminating manual data entry and guiding users through on-demand labeling processes
  • Ensure that the right label is used every time by using logic to remove manual label template selection
  • Improve speed and productivity of on-demand labeling with business logic to eliminate guesswork and simplify printing processes

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View Real-Time Status Across Printing Landscape

Spectrum-global-screenLoftware Spectrum enables new levels of visibility and control over print jobs and devices. With role-based access controls, users see only the print jobs and devices you have assigned. Advanced print queue management allows you to control printing even after you’ve started with the ability to start, stop, pause, move or cancel print jobs.

  • View print status without having to install client software by enabling browser-based access to an unlimited number of users
  • Enable suppliers and other external partners to print your approved labels with remote print capabilities
  • Easily print labels to PDF with native printing capabilities including the ability to print to a printer and PDF at the same time

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Gain Complete Visibility into Your Labeling with Business Intelligence

Loftware Spectrum’s business intelligence provides interactive analytics and real-time reporting, offering you greater visibility into all your labeling activities. Make better and more timely decisions using the key metrics displayed in Spectrum’s configurable dashboards, pre-defined reports and ad-hoc reporting capabilities, which include the ability to drill into data to gain further insight.

  • Get a complete picture of your labeling with dashboards and reports covering users, devices, labels, versions, locations and more
  • Eliminate unused label templates and identify underutilized printers by viewing reports and dashboards that highlight label usage by location, user, printer and more
  • Support audits with customizable dashboards and reports that provide real-time view and audit trail of labeling activity

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Improve Consistency and Labeling Continuity with Multi-Site Capabilities

Take advantage of Spectrum’s Multi-Site capabilities, which allow remote operations to run continuously without depending on a full-time connection to headquarters and support continuous labeling operations throughout your labeling landscape. Scheduled synchronization ensures that all facilities comply and remain current with corporate labeling standards.

  • Guarantee continuity and uptime with Multi-Site capabilities that offer centralized control with failover to local facilities when needed
  • Support decentralized operations in remote locations while automating synchronization of labels, content and transactional data

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Streamline Labeling Infrastructure with Cloud-Based Architecture

Loftware Spectrum’s advanced architecture provides flexible cloud and on-premise deployment options, enabling you to scale your labeling operations globally with a single deployment as you align with your organization's strategic direction.

  • Eliminate the need to manage and update desktop software with browser-based access to label design, status, printing & more
  • Offload maintenance of your labeling environment by deploying labeling in the cloud
  • Add complete control to your labeling environment via role-based security and control over functionality, data, labels, printers and more
  • Support your ‘non-Windows’ environments with Spectrum, which also supports Linux and supports users on any device

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The only all-in-one labeling solution to be delivered completely via browser-based interface and in the cloud, Loftware Spectrum redefines how enterprises create, manage and print labels, enabling organizations to seamlessly implement, deploy, maintain and scale their labeling operations across their entire global operations.

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