Improve Your Labeling with Loftware Spectrum's Enhanced Capabilities

Move to Loftware Spectrum and take your labeling to the next level. Spectrum’s advanced security and workflow management enable you to increase control over labeling processes while you realize greater efficiencies using applications that streamline labeling and other business processes. Gain valuable insight into your supply chain operations with Spectrum’s Business Intelligence.  Spectrum’s flexible deployment options allow you to choose to deploy in the cloud or on-premise to meet your enterprise application strategy.


Take your Label Design to the Next Level

Loftware Spectrum simplifies your label design process. With powerful drag-and-drop label design capabilities accessible from any seat in the organization, users can create or modify labels quickly, reducing the time to production. Spectrum’s WYSIWYG interface guarantees that your labels print as they appear on your screen. Spectrum’s role-based access controls provide additional security and control, helping you determine which users have access to which labels – and can even help you define who can view, edit or print down to the granularity of a level in the label.  Spectrum’s workflow management routes and tracks labels from design to approval, with full version tracking.

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Increase Control with Advanced Security and Workflow Management

Loftware Spectrum brings enhanced security and control to all your labeling activities. With Spectrum you can provide simple and immediate browser-based access to users while maintaining complete control over their access to capabilities and data. Spectrum’s role-based access control ensures administrators can easily manage users and groups as business requirements change. This also enables seamless collaboration for extending labeling activities to suppliers, partners, vendors, and other third parties involved in the labeling processes. Additionally, Spectrum provides more global oversight, enabling centralized control while allowing local administration of users, printers and labels.

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Empower Users to Create Process-Specific Applications

Only Loftware Spectrum has Application Architect, which replaces manual, paper-based processes by automating your labeling procedures, reducing the risk of mislabeling while ensuring consistency. Spectrum allows you to design HTML5 applications with drag-and-drop ease to make the development and maintenance of applications dramatically faster and easier. Application Architect’s flexible nature enables users to design mobile and browser-based applications to meet the unique needs of specific labeling processes without requiring custom development.

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Gain Valuable Insight with Business Intelligence

Loftware Spectrum Business Intelligence (BI) provides you with interactive analytics and real-time reporting capabilities so you have greater visibility into all your labeling activities. You can make better and more timely decisions using the key metrics displayed in Spectrum’s dashboards and pre-defined reports, which offer the ability to drill into data to gain further insight. Additionally, you can configure dashboards and ad-hoc reports to include information unique to your environment, even incorporating data from sources outside Spectrum. Spectrum’s Business Intelligence capabilities provides you a meaningful view that can consolidate separate data streams via a single reporting solution.

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Improve Consistency and Compliance with Multi-Site Capabilities

Loftware Spectrum’s Multi-Site capabilities enable you improve consistency and compliance across your global operations, by allowing you to leverage a single deployment of Spectrum across multiple geographies and remote facilities while synchronizing with a central location. With Multi-Site, remote operations can run continuously without depending on a full-time connection to headquarters. Scheduled synchronization ensures that all facilities comply and remain current with corporate labeling standards and that information from labeling processes in remote locations is automatically communicated back to central operations.

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Choose the Deployment Option that Meets Your Needs

Loftware Spectrum provides flexible cloud and on-premise deployment options, enabling you to align with your organization's strategic direction for deploying enterprise applications. If you prefer to manage your infrastructure in-house, you can run Spectrum on-premise. Or, have it deployed and managed in Loftware’s cloud. Loftware Spectrum Cloud removes the need to install and maintain hardware and software environments.

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The only all-in-one labeling solution to be delivered completely via browser-based interface and in the cloud, Loftware Spectrum® redefines how enterprises create, manage and print labels, enabling organizations to seamlessly implement, deploy, maintain and scale their labeling operations across their entire global operations.

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