A Smarter Approach to Labeling

Global companies are taking a different, “enterprise-centric” approach to labeling. These leaders see the strategic value of standardizing and integrating labeling with business processes across business lines and geographies. Enterprise Labeling for today's complex global supply chain meets all your labeling needs offering a platform that ensures consistency, maximizes flexibility and scales with your business. The right Enterprise Labeling Solution will enable you to…


Master All Your Labeling Variations

Changing customer requirements, changing regions, changing regulations and changing products all impact your labeling. These all must be met in a quick and efficient manner. Enterprise Labeling gives you the power to master labeling variations by automating and applying advanced logic to your labeling processes. With dynamic labeling you can maximize support for countless label combinations with minimum effort.

Meet Your Customer Requirements Quickly

In today’s fast paced supply chain, it’s critical to be able to respond to customer labeling requirements quickly and efficiently on a global scale.  Enterprise Labeling gives you the power to make mass changes quickly, so you can always stay in lock step with your customers’ labeling demands.



Enable Compliance with Your Regulations

In this highly-regulated marketplace, you must be able to consistently keep pace with evolving regulations. Enterprise Labeling allows you to comply by making label changes to formats, barcodes, logos, languages, and content including quickly and easily adding industry-specific warnings, product information and even color to meet global and regional requirements.

Integrate Labeling with Enterprise Applications

Integrating labeling with enterprise applications allows you to leverage your business processes and ‘sources of truth’ for label data. Certified integration allows you to automate labeling so you can improve efficiency, accuracy and avoid costly mislabeling.

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Empower Your Users to Create and Update Labels

You need to enable business users to create and update labels instead of relying on costly IT resources. By using browser-based and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) label design capabilities you improve the speed and efficiency of the label design process.

Support Your High-Volume Printing, Globally

As the speed of your operations increases you need to print volumes of labels quickly and efficiently, regardless of printer or geography.  Native printer drivers maximize performance, minimize your network traffic, and vastly reduce the maintenance associated with Windows drivers.



Scale Your Labeling With Ease

As your business expands, you need the flexibility to scale your labeling to meet new business requirements. Whether you need to add more locations, increase print volumes, manufacture new products, or comply with evolving regulations, you must adhere to corporate labeling standards. Deploying labeling centrally allows you to maintain consistency, while enabling global locations to solve their unique needs.

Lean on Labeling Experts for Your Success

When it comes to labeling one size does not fit all. Labeling needs are unique whether it’s your industry, regulations, customers, processes, or business applications, just to name a few. Rely on Labeling Experts for best practices, advice, and support that can only come from those that design, develop and implement the software you’re using.

Lean on Labeling Experts for Your Success


Why Loftware



"When you have software that allows for faster collaboration and you have print technologies that can ensure brand consistency and variable data at the same time, we can start too see true disruption."

Source: IDC Link, Loftware Acquires Gap Systems to Transform the Label and Artwork Management space, March 2018


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