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Customers across all industries continue to turn to Loftware for their barcode labeling because we bring an unprecedented level of experience, innovation and results to their environments. While most companies see the value in standardizing and automating labeling processes, there are unique considerations to getting there—depending on the industry:

Regulatory Compliance – Government-mandated regulations like GHS, UDI, DSCSA and others place strict requirements on how products are labeled. Color, pictograms, unique identifiers and transactional data must all be taken into account. Enterprise Labeling Solutions from Loftware help you manage these variables with greater agility, accuracy and consistency.

Industry Standards – To improve the visibility of products across the supply chain, many industries adopt their own standards. For example, automotive companies will follow AIAG or Odette barcode standards when working with trade partners. GS1 is another organization that sets guidelines for how products are labeled in Food & Beverage, Healthcare and other industries. Loftware partners with these organizations to help customers easily create and manage labels that adhere to such standards.

Regional Requirements – Whether it’s a new chemical customer in China or a new medical device distributor in Russia, you may have a whole new set of labeling requirements. Failure to comply could mean heavy fines, confiscated product and lost business. Loftware solutions enable you to respond faster to enter new markets with speed, accuracy and confidence.

We invite you to learn how Loftware Enterprise Labeling Solutions drive measurable results in your industry!