Power Up Labeling and Artwork Processes

Organizations across the computer hardware and software industries have unique challenges to overcome. Automating labeling and artwork plays a pivotal role in improving supply chain effectiveness, ensuring traceability and delivering compliance, helping to ensure businesses in this sector can flourish.

Making The Case for Enterprise Labeling

Best Practices

Loftware’s combined platform–whether for labeling, artwork management or both – enables customers to uniquely meet regulatory mandates, mitigate risk, reduce complexity, ensure traceability, improve time to market and optimize costs as they meet customer-specific, brand, regional and regulatory requirements with unprecedented speed and agility.

Ensure Global Traceability

You need to be sure you have a solution in place that works for you, supporting traceability and anti-counterfeiting measures across your organization.

Support Global Requirements

Address multi-lingual copy requirements with phrase/translation management capabilities to ensure accurate labeling for regions across an international landscape.

Integrate Sources of Truth

By integrating with your sources of truth, you can ensure that your label and pack data is accurate and up to date in real-time, no matter where in the world it is being used.

Alleviate Pressure on Central Teams

Empowering business users across geographies to edit approved, compliant label templates helps to alleviate pressure on central teams and removes bottlenecks that slow your operations down.

Ensure Customer and Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with customer requirements and regulatory standards such as RoHS and REACH is crucial. As requirements change, you need to be able to quickly adapt your packaging and labeling to meet new requirements.

Streamline Content with Data-driven Labeling

Dynamic, data-driven labeling enables users to manage a single template for a range of labeling variations to support increasing complex requirements. Also, easily update requirements to meet varied needs of multiple customers.

No wonder many leading Computer companies rely on Loftware Solutions. Loftware Spectrum and Loftware Smartflow give you the power and flexibility to meet changing customer and regulatory requirements, improve response times and reduce overall costs - all while driving greater efficiencies across your extended supply chain and helping you reduce time to market and manage critical recalls. You can comply with customer and regulatory demands to keep product moving quickly —even across international boundaries.

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